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Use splash pages on Traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchanges – which sites to put there

      If you use traffic exchanges you have most probably already experienced the situation when your site is not approved for advertising. If it is not the case it is some known scam site put on banned list by this TE there can be a technical problem – it is breaking the frame or it URL starts with https instead of http only. (by blogger Margaret)
       In this case you have a possibility to build a so called splash page from which you send the visitors further on. Some  traffic exchanges offer this possibility inside their member area as a free service for members. These splash pages are usually very simple, you can make them quickly. But you cannot apply a lot of your creativity.

If you want to have a splash page different from others, more original and eye-catching you have to use a special service. There are more of them online – I would recommend AdKreatorThis program offers you not only building of splash page but also banners of different sizes, buttons, squeeze pages etc.

And of course last but not least – splash page has a plus that it is simple, not much text – and therefore it is especially good for those traffic exchanges which show the pages only for 10 seconds for instance. In such a short time visitors cannot consider a long and detailed information.

Hungry For Hits free traffic exchange banner

Traffic Exchange with useful tools like: page creator, rotator and tracker.

Are you hungry for hits?

Hungry For Hits is a free traffic exchange which provides you with unlimited quality traffic! You also get a number of very useful tracking tools to help you track your progress. You can get started in minutes, even if you never used a traffic exchange before, and the customer service is quick.

More about Hungry For Hits….

TRACKING – Apart from advertising, Hungry For Hits offer extensive tracking tools and a site rotator service which is completely free!

EASY TO USE – Hungry For Hits is one of the most professional traffic exchanges, but there are simple step by step instructions for everything if you need it.

BRANDED – Brand yourself and your business to increase your trust and recognition easily with Hungry For Hits social tools and features!

FUN – Do you find surfing for credits boring? We have a social platform and many unique mini games to make surfing fun and keep surfers alert.

TARGETED – You’ll only get live, real-time targeted traffic from Hungry For Hits, with real people visiting your site. You can even talk to them in our chat!

PAGE CREATOR – We offer a free Page Creator where you can make your own ads and brand yourself. Hungry For Hits even hosts it for you!

Hungry For Hits free traffic exchange banner

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