How do you enroll new distributors when you are brand new?

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How do you enroll new distributors when you’re brand new with no results and no credibility?


Do you try to build a huge social media following to look impressive? Should you take pictures next to big houses and fancy cars? Should you spend hours studying the comp plan and becoming an expert on your product/company in order to get people to take you seriously? (this post was shared by Tyson Zahner on Facebook)

The short answer is … NO ?! You don’t need to do any of that stuff.

Here’s how I know:

In 2013, After 18 years of failure in multiple direct sales opportunities, I joined yet ANOTHER company.

“Surely this time will be different” I thought.

But after a few phone calls to my “Top 100 List”, it became clear that this time would be no different than before.

In fact, it was worse! ?

I had burnt out my friends and family on so many “deals” prior to this one, they were saying things like, “OMG! Not another one” … and “How long is this one gonna last, Tyson?”

(Come to think of it, I actually had the opposite of credibility!)

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So I decided to turn to the internet in search of an alternate strategy for building my business outside of the belly to belly methods that had failed me time and time again.

I discovered a simple 3-step process that I was told could result in leads chasing me instead of the other way around.

I was skeptical for sure ? (especially considering the countless empty promises I had been told before).

But, considering I felt I had nothing left to lose, I gave this 3-step process a shot.

Long story short … I was astonished at how well it worked ?

Even though I wasn’t some big name celebrity and even though I had no results, no credibility and no experience, I started getting a consistent flow of leads reaching out to me!

Today I’ve generated tens of thousands of leads online and I landed the top earner position in one of my companies for 3 straight years in a row. ? ? ?

Since then, I’ve spoken on stages across the country teaching this simple 3-step process to all kinds of small business owners.

It’s the exact same 3-step process that I’ll be teaching in a free upcoming web class.

In fact, I’ve had students use this process for ALL kinds of products and services including Networkers, Info Product Creators, Affiliates, Service Providers, Insurance, Real Estate and even Traditional Brick and Mortar Businesses.

Of course, I’ve used this exact same system to acquire customers for my coaching company every month.

But don’t just take my word for it … one of my students who’s a Real Estate agent (named David) used this strategy to generate home buyer leads and closed two separate deals totaling around 13k in commissions.

Another student, Ellie launched her first online program and her first book with these techniques.

And of course, I have a ton of networker marketers who’ve used these strategies successfully as well …

For example, Artis became a top recruiter in his previous company thanks to these techniques.

And Brenda went from no leads to more leads than she could follow-up with in a single day

All from implementing the exact same strategies I’ll be teaching on this upcoming free web class.

The class is only 60 minutes long. You can attend today and start using this 3-step system as early as tomorrow.

By the way, there’s more to this 3-step formula than just attracting leads. Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll get when you attend …

➡️ How to Eliminate Prospecting so you never have to strike up conversations with strangers again.

➡️ Discover the 3 Best Groups of People to Target to Attract Buyers

➡️ The Secret to Selling with Less Objections and Resistance

➡️ What You Should NEVER Say When Someone Asks What Business You’re In (HINT: 99% of Networkers Screw This Up. I’ll tell you what to say instead)

➡️ What if My Company Forbids Marketing Online? I’ll show you how this can work for ANY business (even if your company has strict rules against online advertising)

➡️ Wanna Say Goodbye to Dead Beat Leads and Cold Calling? I’ll show you how to qualify your leads BEFORE you ever waste another precious minute of your time talking to people one-on-one.

➡️ The truth about success that upline sponsors won’t tell you

➡️ What you can do to get people excited to buy from you specifically over every other distributor in your exact same company!

And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

But I’m only offering this class for a limited time and the seats are filling up so reserve your spot now! ?

Here’s a bonus videos that you’ll want to watch before the webinar if you have time:

PS. The web class lasts about 60 minutes and you’ll be able to implement what you learn immediately afterwards at no cost. At the end I will be making an offer for those who want to work with me more closely and get additional help. This is 100% optional. The training is free and holds NOTHING back.

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Yuri Grin, Canada, 2017, Casa Loma Castle

Yuri Grin

Internet entrepreneur, consultant. Toronto, Canada

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