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How Rick Lax Became The Most Viewed Man In The World From a Coffee Shop…

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I've got this post from Mike Dillard (internet entrepreneur and founder of Self-Made Man project).

I've never heard about Rick Lax before and was amazed to learn that millions people saw his video, now I did too. So I am sure you'll be interested too to read this post.

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Hey guys, a few years ago, there is a very, very good chance that as you were scrolling through your Facebook feed, you saw a video from a guy named Rick Lax.

Rick was sitting in a coffee shop, wearing his white Apple earphones, and he was about to perform a magic trick right before your eyes.

He didn’t have a fancy stage or video crew. In fact, he used nothing more than the built in camera on this laptop.

And that’s all it took…

As you looked down at the number of views his simple videos were racking up, your jaw would drop…

20 million, 50 million, 90 million 150 million…

Over and over again, Rick’s coffee shop videos would go viral and get tens of millions of views, until he literally became the most watched man in the world.

Today his magic tricks have been viewed over 6 billion times.

So was it an accident, or just dumb luck?

How was he actually making money from all of this attention? After all, Facebook doesn’t have a revenue sharing program like YouTube?

And exactly who is Rick Lax and where did he come from?

Well today we get to the bottom of all of these questions, and much more in an unprecedented interview with the man himself.

And I’ll just say this…

Rick is a genius… None of this was an accident. In fact, it was all based on a system that he’s going to share with you today.

This is an incredibly special interview, as it represents the first and only time that I’m aware of, where a mega influencer like Rick shares their behind-the-scenes business model...

Click here to listen to Rick's amazing story now... 


28 Year Old Millionaire John Crestani Exposes Internet Marketing Secrets


John Crestani

Making money online has changed.  Yes, things have changed online…things always change fast in the online world.


Things that used to work only 2 years ago, no longer work. Advertising costs on Facebook are screaming higher and scams seem to be more plentiful than ever.


But make no mistake, so many things are moving online…people, businesses, jobs, etc, etc…


There are things that have not changed also…


It has not changed that making money online is still a major opportunity for those wishing to quit the ole 9-5 grind.


Facebook is still a good place to advertise, if you know how to do it correctly and follow their guidelines.


It takes good mentorship to navigate the minefields and changes that are out there.  A good mentor is something you absolutely need if you want to succeed online.  You simply must learn from those who have already done it and gotten results.

One such person who gives a lot for very little is my friend, John Crestani.


John Crestani has made many millions of dollars online and stays ahead of the changes. He is a good person to help guide you through the internet minefield online and get you going in the right direction.


This is important because you can and will run into many people who do not have your best interest in mind and who only will take your money and run.  I know this first hand.


John Crestani is NOT one of these people.  He puts in the time to make sure you succeed through his internet marketing courses and live webinar training sessions.


If you have a desire to succeed online, you couldn’t ask for a better mentor.


Sign up for his “Internet Jet Set” webinar and get to know what he can do for you:

P.S. I do not recommend “people” very much but I know a good dude to recommend to others when I see one.

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We Are Not Direct Selling and We Are Not MLM

In this week’s video, Eric answers the ultimate question: what do we call what we do? Some call it Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). And some call it Network Marketing.

Right now, we are confusing the world.

The only way we can tell people what we do is by naming a certain company.

“We’re like that company,” we say. We need to have a standard that describes the channel of distribution we represent.

So, what do we actually do?

Ultimately, we sell products to consumers using word of mouth advertising. This is accomplished with three basic strategies.

First, we personally go out and sell the products or services to consumers.

Second, we build and expand a network of other distributors who do the same thing.

And third, we apply leadership to that network to improve productivity of our network.

That is what we do. So, how can we describe that in a term?

MLM is, in Eric’s opinion, a terrible term. All that the term describes is that you can get more than one level from network building. But it doesn’t talk about sales, leadership, or expanding the network. MLM only touches on one little aspect of the compensation plan.

Direct Selling is also, in Eric’s opinion, a terrible term. It still only describes one piece of what we do. Yes, we take products and sell them directly to consumers, but so does the kid with the lemonade stand. Most of the world is involved in Direct Selling to some extent.

The best description is Network Marketing. Network Marketing perfectly covers how we are in the business of marketing products and services through a network of ever expanding and increasingly productive distributors using word of mouth advertising.

Eric realizes that this might be controversial, and some people might run away from defining us as Network Marketers. But we need to be proud of what we do and provide. Our entire profession and all of the companies represented in it need to say “Yes, I’m a part of Network Marketing. Yes, I’m proud of it, and for the average person with entrepreneurial dreams it is a better way.” The faster that happens, the faster the entire profession gets standardized around the world and we stop attacking each other by trying to differentiate what we are.

We need to be proud to be Network Marketers. Proud of who we are and the quality of the products and services we provide. So, spread the word. We are Network Marketers. Tell your friends and family, your company, your contacts, everyone. With shoulders back and chins up, let’s go tell the world that we have a better way.

Note: Here is a good example of network company you can join today!

If I had more time to start online business.

One of the most common objections that prospects like to throw up when you introduce them to Network Marketing or just any business from home computer (or WiFi connection)  is “I don’t have the time.”

Don’t believe that, and here’s one reason why... There was a recent study that talked about television time. This study showed that the average American watches about 27 hours a week watching television. Let me give you some break downs of this…

Let's watch and listen to what Eric Worre says about that...

Those under 24, average about 22 hours a week watching television. That might sound better than the national average, but that’s because those people are sitting with their devices watching YouTube, playing games, and texting like crazy.

Their brains are still being sucked into a device. One of the things that shocked me is that the older a person gets, the more television they watch. They don’t become wiser and decide to spend their time doing something else. They become more absorbed into the machine.

The study showed that if you’re over 65, the average is over 50 hours a week on television. So, the older we get instead of becoming more engaged with the world, we become less engaged in the world, in business, and in contributing to others.

Imagine if people took those 27 hours, and devoted it to building their future instead of being plugged into the system like a battery in a machine. After all, how much contribution can you have on the world if you’re spending 27-50 hours a week watching television? So, when people tell you that they don’t have the time, don’t call them a liar but don’t believe their story either.

Show them that there is a better way than plugging into the latest television series. There’s a better way than just becoming a super consumer and being told what to buy, how to feel, and what to do. There’s a better way than sitting on your couch. There’s a big world out there. Let’s get out there and contribute to it.

Why not to take 1 hour a day and to try to build online business from home?

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How to respond to “I don’t have the money”?

“I can’t afford it.”

Even though I use this marketing system that works on autopilot and do not have to persuade people to be my partner. Sometimes you can hear and see it in emails or if you chat with people on Facebook.

“I can’t afford it.” I’ve heard and read those words plenty of times in nearly ten years of growing my business, and if you’re offering programs or products in your business, I’m sure you have too.

What you may not know, however, is that those words are rarely the real reason a potential client isn’t buying from you.

I would recommend to listen how Eric Worre explains this situation.

Eric Worre - Network Marketing Pro.

More comments on this question from - Heather Cottrell (business consultant)

The thing is, your potential client is most likely not going to express her true feeling to you directly. In fact, she may not realize it herself. It is so much easier to just say “I can’t afford it.”

In reality though, it is a very low percentage of people in the US who can’t find a way to raise the money they need for something that’s important to them.

For some people, it’s the latest and greatest TV that they prioritize, and they will open a new credit card to buy it. For your Ideal Client, her health is the priority and she’d be willing to forego the daily Starbucks run, cut back on eating out in restaurants, have a garage sale and maybe turn off the cable, in order to pay for the program or product you’re offering.

There’s always a way, and I’ve seen my clients get brilliantly creative to invest in themselves.

It’s not your job to guess what a potential client can or cannot afford. Only he knows what his priorities are and how willing he is to invest in himself.

Nine times out of ten, if a potential client says “I can’t afford it” the real reason is one of these:

“I’ve bought or signed up for a program or product like yours before, and I didn’t really use it so I’m afraid I’ll be wasting more money.”

“I’m not really resonating with you or your style (but I’m not going to tell you that).”

“I thought I was ready to make a real change in my life, but now that I’m talking to you and get the sense you *really* know what you’re talking about, I’m afraid to make this commitment to myself.”

It’s unlikely you’ll ever hear one of these true reasons. It’s so much easier to say “I can’t afford it” so that’s the main reason you will get when a potential client chooses not to buy from you. It’s important for you to know this.

In the rare case when a client is able to express that she’s hesitating because she’s afraid of making a real change in her life, you might try and walk her through this fear. When she truly sees the value of working with you and feels the very real possibility of huge results, her fears suddenly get triggered. The fear of change, of leaving her old self behind, the fear of really stepping up and having the life she dreams of.

If it feels good to do so, you might share a related story from your own past or about one of your other clients. You can tell her it’s perfectly normal to have that fear, and remind her of the cost of NOT investing in herself.

If you’re hearing “I can’t afford it” too often

Even when things are going well, you’ll still get the occasional “I can’t afford it” throughout your business. That’s OK. Let those go, and don’t even worry about it.

However, if you’re hearing “I can’t afford it” on a frequent basis, I recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

1) Am I really ready to have clients and get paid for my expertise?

It’s very possible that your own money issues are at the heart of this problem, not your clients’. You may be ignoring some of your own doubts and fears, and they’re coming through in the way you market yourself and the way you talk with potential clients.

Check in with yourself about the business you’re trying to build. Are you offering products and services you really love? Are you charging what feels really good to you? How can you clear up your own money issues?

Also notice if you’re saying “I can’t afford it” about investing in your own health, life or business. Figure out the real reasons you’re not investing in yourself and clear that up. When you’re feeling abundant, and prioritizing your money around what’s most important to you, you will attract more of the same in your clients.

2) Are you over-describing the Hows of the work you do with clients?

Many practitioners give too many details on their website and during an initial consultation about all the steps involved in the transformational process they offer their clients. Problem is, doing this can make it sound too challenging or intimidating.

Your potential client only wants to know what the possible results are, and they want to feel comfortable with you. Let the rest unfold after they have chosen to work with you.

Keep your early interactions with potential clients – including your website, blog, newsletter, public talks and initial consultation – focused on the challenges they want to overcome and the results they can enjoy by working with you.

3) Are you undervaluing the work you do?

If you don’t fully see the value in your products or services, then your potential clients won’t see it either. If they can’t see the value, no price – no matter how small – is going to be right.

You have to see the value of your work, and charge accordingly. Contrary to what you might think, people are more likely to choose an expensive option over a cheap one if they see its value. The higher price tag creates the feeling that they’re getting the best (even though this is not always the case, unfortunately).

So don’t set out to undercharge or downplay the value of what you offer. Do the opposite. Make it clear how valuable your programs and products are, and then lower the price as a discount, if that feels good to you.

4) Are you asking for the sale and making it easy for your potential client to say yes?

This can sometimes be a communication issue or a tech issue. First get clear exactly what you want to charge for the product or service you’re offering, and what payment options you’ll accept. If you’re comfortable offering a payment plan, be ready to clearly describe how it works, what each payment is and when each is due.

I strongly recommend you accept credit cards (PayPal is the easiest way to get started), as that’s the easiest way for your clients to safely pay you during a consultation, make a purchase from your website or set up their own financing plan to pay for your high-end service.

Practice the money conversation with your coach or a friend, so that it flows off your tongue easily when you’re speaking with a client. Practice asking them directly if they want to enroll in your program or buy your product, and describing the price and how to pay.

If you’re describing payment options in writing on a salespage, have your coach or a trusted colleague review it for you. Simple and clear wins when it comes to talking money.

5) Are you clear who your Ideal Clients are?

Health coaches often forget to add “She’s ready to change her life” to their Ideal Client description. And this shows up in the way you market your services, and who you’re marketing to.

Get clear that your Ideal Client is ready to invest, ready to do the work and excited about making a transformation. Think of a former client, or friend, who fits that description, and be sure to write every word of your website content, newsletters and social media posts, with her in mind.

Speak to those people – not the many unsures out there – and you’ll attract more of them to your initial consultations, thus eliminating the “I can’t afford it” excuse that’s masking the “I’m not ready” reality.

How to respond to “I can’t afford it”

When a client says “I can’t afford it”, don’t be tempted to start lowering your prices for them. Your program or product will only lose value in his eyes if you suddenly drop the price. Chances that he’ll buy from you at the lower price are extremely slim. Chances that you’ll feel good about it and enjoy working with that particular client are also slim.

You don’t have to do anything, or even respond, to a client who says “I can’t afford it”. You could say “Thanks for letting me know” and wish them well. Or, if it feels good to do so, you could consider one of these other options:

If you already offer a smaller version of the program or product your client was considering, you might offer her that as an alternative. Point out that the results will be different, but the price tag might be easier for her to commit to.

If you’re comfortable accepting a payment plan for your larger service, you can offer that as an alternative to your pay-in-full price.

Otherwise, let her know she can contact you when she’s ready to invest in herself, and until then stay in touch via your newsletter. That’s it. You don’t need to do anymore, or try to persuade her to work with you. Keep your focus on clients who are ready to work with you.

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Warren Buffett always worked with a simple long-term investment

Warren Buffett explains how you could've turned $114 into $400,000 with a simple long-term investment.

Many of us know the magic of investing money in the stock market—just letting it sit and watching it grow—but few of us really grasp just how powerfully enriching this can be. Not surprisingly, Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor, has a vivid example of this which he shared with me during a visit earlier this year at Berkshire Hathaway headquarters in Omaha.

First, take yourself back, way back to America’s entry into World War II. Franklin Roosevelt was president and Buffett was a young boy. And as you may know young Buffett, unlike most kids his age interested in games or sports, was basically consumed by the stock market. And at that dark moment in US history, Buffett was ready to take action.

“Let me give you a figure that’ll blow your mind I think. I bought my first stock when I was 11 years old. It was the first quarter of 1942, shortly after Pearl Harbor,” Buffett recalls. “I spent $114.75, [for] shares [of a stock.] $114.75. If I put that $114 into the S&P 500 at that time and reinvested the dividends, think of a figure as to what it…would be worth today,” he asked me?

So, what do think?



I’ll give you some help. That’s way low.

Let’s pick it up with Buffett again: “The answer is about $400,000. So if I as a little kid had taken that 114 bucks I’d saved— shoveling snow (LAUGH) or whatever I’d done, [I’d have] $400,000 today. [In] one person’s lifetime. That’s America. I mean, that isn’t me. You know, it’s the huge tailwind the American economy gives to any equity investor.”

Buffett acknowledges that it’s not always easy to stick with it all the way through.

“Now, the market’s gone down many times during that time,” he reminded me. “People have panicked during that time. Headlines have been terrible. You know, it looked like we were losing the war when we first got in. But America is a powerful economic machine that, since 1776, it’s worked and it’s gonna keep working.”

And then he’s almost giving me a pep talk. As in, ‘come on, you can do this!’

“Now, you don’t wanna buy to hold for a year, you don’t wanna buy with the idea that you could sell it in two years or three years necessarily, to make money. You may— you could lose money that way,” he says. “But if you buy it for $10, $20, just keep buying the S&P 500 index and forget about all the other nonsense that’s being sold to you because I’ll guarantee you one thing about (LAUGH) the stuff being sold to you, it will carry bigger fees than what (LAUGH) I’m talking about.”

By that last point Buffett means those big management or brokerage fees would eat up your returns in a huge way and you’d end up with far less that $400K.

So here’s a big question: Will it happen again? In other words, if you invested a similar sum and held it for the same 76 years or so, would you still make out—maybe not exactly the same of course—but would you still make out like a bandit?

Buffett answers that if not directly, then directionally.

“The S&P 500 companies have earned well over 10% on equity, often 15% annually for years, and years, and years, and years,” Buffett says. “They’ve done it— with Democratic administrations, with Republican administrations. Now, you get money compounding at that kind of rate underlying your investment, and you get a diversified group of that, I mean, you’re going to do well.”

You pick up these kinds of things from investing for almost eight decades.

Watch Warren Buffett LIVE at the 2018 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting exclusively on the Yahoo Finance app and desktop. Coverage begins May 5 at 9:45am ET.

Warren Buffet strategy is good for young people who have enough time to invest.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken box?

Kentucky Fried Chicken box?

Quick, whose portrait is on the side of a...

Kentucky Fried Chicken box?

Colonel Sanders. Right.

The guy who devised the famous "11 Herbs and Spices" recipe that became the most popular chicken franchise in the world.

But do you know what the famed 11th spice was?

According to legend, Sanders was broke and going from restaurant to restaurant and challenging the chefs. "I'll bet my chicken recipe is better than yours"...and he always lost that bet...but at least he got a free meal out of the ruse.

Well, one day he was running the same schtick on a local bar owner.

The bar owner said, "I'm trying to sell beer, not chicken. This chicken needs WAAAAY more salt, so my customers will order more beer to quench their thirst!"

So, the bar owner shook a few shakers of salt onto the Colonel's chicken and said, "Now this is GOOD".

Sanders hated the taste of it...but he was no dummy. "If this is what the customer wants, then I'll give it to him."

The secret 11th ingredient? Plain old table salt!

What does this have to do with your online business? (again this thing "never give up") and many platforms with training.


Well, sometimes the key to your success is hiding in plain site. Sometimes, it's not a matter of a miracle or some crazy new online sales formula.

It's not some wild, undiscovered herb or spice.

Sometimes it's following a simple recipe. Sometimes it's the simplest ingredient that puts the recipe over the top.

Now many programs for home-based biz have their recipe.

It's not complicated. It's not bizarre. It's just some steps (1-2-3 or 21 proven steps). A recipe anyone can follow.


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Time management.

How do you fill your "bucket of time"?

Don't fill bucket of time this way.

If this is the way you fill your “bucket of time”. Don’t do this year!

Let me explain. Of course, many entrepreneurs know this idea.

How do you plan your 2018? (still it's not late)

What you (and I) need to do better, is decide what are the most important things we have to accomplish in our home businesses in the next 90 days, and then focus on getting them done.

These are what you call your ‘Rocks.’

First, put big ‘rocks’ in the bucket.

Imagine, The big glass container represents your time.

Lets call it the next 90 days.

Next to it, you have some big rocks, pebbles, sand, and water.

If you put in the water and sand first, they’ll fall right to the bottom.  Then if you add in the pebbles, they’ll sit immersed in the water, on top of the sand.

Then if you try to put in the big rocks, they’ll sit on top of everything else, and they won’t all fit.


If you do it another way, it’s possible to get everything to fit in the jar just nicely.

First put in the big rocks.

Then the pebbles are poured in, and they all fall between the gaps in the rocks to the bottom.  Then the sand is poured, and finally the water.

Everything fits.

Here’s the lesson;  those rocks represent the big, important things you have to do each day.

It could be sending an email to your list.  Hosting a sales webinar.  Setting up a joint venture deal.

Planning the outline of a new product. Making 10 sales calls.

Basically the important things that move your business forwards.

The pebbles, sand, and water represent the lesser important ‘busy’ work.

A pebble might be taking a phone call with a colleague in your industry, and chatting about how things are going in your businesses.

You might get some value out of this call.  But more likely, you’ll burn up 30 minutes of time and it won’t impact your business.

The sand could be you responding to a few urgent but unimportant emails.

The water is you checking Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter… or getting sucked into watching time wasting videos on Youtube.

The water activities are incredibly tempting.  They don’t require much deep thought, and are entertaining.

But they do nothing to move your business forwards.

My big goal in 2018 is to focus more on the rocks and leave the pebbles, sand and water to the end of the day IF I have time.

Matt Lloyd, founder and CEO of MOBE

By the way – I didn’t come up with this analogy.

I read about it in this book by Verne Harnish, it’s called ‘Scaling Up.’ (thanks to my mentor, Matt Lloyd for this reminder).

If you’ve got a business that’s doing 5 figures annually and you want to scale to 6 figures, you’ll get a lot out of this book.

And if you have a new business and / or you’re not yet making a lot of sales, you’ll still get some useful insights out of it.

Any opportunities / distractions that come up during those 90 days, will have to go on the waiting list for the next 90 days.  Completing the current Rocks will be the number one priority.

My advice to you is to start operating your own home business (set your own schedule).

Decide on what the most important things are to accomplish in the next 90 days, and block out everything else.  What few important projects will result in the greatest amount of sales?

If you focus on these things, you’ll be able to complete 2017 having accomplished a few super important projects that catapulted your business forwards, rather than half-completed 100 different things that were not really that important in the first place.

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10 questions before you choose home-based business.

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You Absolutely Must Ask Before Choosing a Home-Based Business.

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In the eBook, you’ll see the mistakes I made along the way. You’ll read about the hard lessons I learned on my journey toward building a 40 million dollar company. How I learned, from experience, what questions I wish I had asked.

Had I known then what I know now, it would have saved me a ton of hassle, heartache, and, of course, money.

I spoke to Matt Lloyd , 2016, in Punta Cana

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Your Only Limit Is You.

Nowadays, the belief that your only limit is you is an actual fact. Each day, ever more evidence comes to confirm this point as an inevitability. You should be aware that your mind is everything and controls every aspect of your life. It has even a significant influence over your body.

By knowing that your only limit is you, you can use your determination to take action and do so. You have to prepare and get ready to get to the top by looking at the summit and not to the bottom. You have to be inspired and keep striving to be the best you can be. So, I wish you great success!

How is it possible? Why is your mind creating limits? How can you get past those boundaries?

To begin with, your body hears all things your mind thinks or says. So, if your mind, for example, can talk your body into feeling right or wrong, what else can it do and what power does it have? Have you ever paid attention to the way you speak to yourself? What does it look like?

The difference is how you look at the glass, is it half empty or half full? You see, when you think about it, your only limit is you. Perhaps you have never actually considered this small distinction as necessary before. However, it can make an enormous divergence in what you achieve in life. Only because when you believe that you cannot, you put a limit on your potential.

The fact is that when you let your thoughts wander, and your mind consider that there are limits, you start to get doubts. Therefore, you think your glass is half empty, and you tell yourself that you cannot. Then, of course, what unfolds is that you begin to believe that you cannot indeed.

The Only Limit Begins in Your Mind
To get rid of any limit, you have to establish in your mind that what you desire is stronger than anything else you want. Then, you have to burn the bridges behind you and say once and for all that this is it. That way, you have no retreat and no choice but to continue all the way to achievement.

To go for what you want is not so hard if you are determined, but to stay motivated is what is challenging. It is quite easy to dream big when your dreams are just in your head. The only limit comes when you have to do the tough things such as the everyday grind, the perspiration, and the hard work.

Believing in yourself is the best thing you can have as it tears down any doubt you might have. It is hard to get over doubts even you do not believe in yourself, and it cripples you. Disbelief, uncertainty, and doubt are things that make everything else seem impossible. So when you realize that your only limit is you, you find a way to believe in yourself again and therefore, nothing can stop you anymore.

There is no escape; everybody has a hard road. But your mind is everything. If you do not believe you can do something, then you cannot. You have to fight to get greatness. It is like having to save your own life. Nobody is going to do it or save it for you.

Limit and the Power of the Mind
You got to give everything you have to get where you want to be. Dwelling and crying won't help a bit. If you quit, you are going to lose. When you have a resolution, and I am not talking about a New Year resolution, but a real one, something to accomplish, you have the resolve, and you know that it is going to happen.

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Motor Club of America

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