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Business Opportunity vs. Real Business

What Is The Difference Between Biz-Opp Seeker & Real Online Entrepreneur?

Because Internet is overloaded with Biz Ops offers I thought it’s very important to find the difference.

In my opinion, in biz ops people advertise training, courses and how to build online business, mindset coaching etc.  You can consider it as product, but it’s a little bit different.

Ask yourself is Amazon retailer is the business or business opportunity or Apple, or McDonald’s!

There is another question – what do you sell? The real product, digital product or training, webinar, eBooks! Maybe you sell stories about successful people!

The thing is that you can get business already done for you (like franchise). Follow my link below, when you are done with reading this post.

I believe that 90% of failure rate that we used to see in this industry is because most people have a mindset of a BIZ-OPP SEEKER and NOT of a real ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR. If you don’t learn this lesson, you are pretty much doomed to fail and your chances of success will be slim to none. Let me explain. (says internet entrepreneur Vitaliy Dubinin)

We come into this industry usually because we have financial difficulties. We want to be able to pay our debts. We want to pay the rent. And most people are focused on what?

MAKING MONEY. Cash. They want sales NOW.

Well that’s the problem. Because what ends up happening people burn out, quit, and then blame the system or blame somebody.

I stumbled upon a training from a highly successful online entrepreneur Norbert Orlewitz and he pointed out the differences in mindset and I wanted to share with you because I believe it’s very important. ( by Vitaliy Dubinin)

If you identify yourself with any of those things that are typical to business opportunity seekers, then evaluate what you are doing and move into the real entrepreneurship.

Business Opportunity Seekers

  • They have no strategy and no real plan – they are just blindly trying to do something, without any strategic plan.
  • They are constantly seeking quick fixes – how to make money now. What button to push. How to make this sale.
  • They seek answers – constantly searching for a secret, they are in need, they don’t know what to do. Sure, because there is NO PLAN, and NO STRATEGY.
  • They are fearful to spend money on themselves and their business – They are hoarding money and always trying to get a free ride. “Oh no, I will not invest in myself and in my business, I’ll not set up ads and not buy courses and tools because I need to see profits first”. Yeah, good luck with that…
  • They wish it were easier – “My GOD, please send a check from the sky, it’s so hard, I don’t want to life a finger and exert effort, just send me money”…
  • They try everything and jumping from one deal to the next – “Ohh, it seems like a better, easier way to make money, I’ll go and try that”. Of course they didn’t make money in the last deal because they realized there need to be WORK done. Ok, or someone showed them a plan and they are running. Is this a pattern that repeats itself for you?
  • They start and stop – before they see the fruits of their efforts, they think it doesn’t work and go and try something else. No CONSISTENCY.

Online Entrepreneurs:

  • Have a very strategic plan in place for the next 6 to 12 months – they know what they need to focus on to produce results. Plug into my daily inspirational shows and take action on what I say and I’ll teach you very strategic plan of what all highly paid marketers online are doing to produce results.
  • Provide Answers – be the one that gives VALUE in the marketplace. Yes, you will keep growing and learning new things, but SHARE what you already know.
  • Implement the plan – Do what they planned to do!
  • Have long term vision & focus – This is HUGE. They are crystal clear about what is the vision, WHO they want to become in 2-3 years, and they are committed to their vision. They understand they it can take months and years to realize their dreams and visions.
  • They invest in themselves – this is HUGE distinction. They understand the value of growing themselves and investing into the business. They are investing in their FUTURE. They are raising their skill set. I was investing in myself when I didn’t have any money.
  • They work on becoming better every day – becoming the best version of themselves. They don’t wish it was easier. They know it takes time, effort, dedication. They SHOW UP daily!
  • They say “NO” and stay the course – Because they have the vision and the plan, they don’t jump from opportunity to opportunity. They don’t suffer from Shiny Ball Syndrome. Just because someone made money in the other business doesn’t mean they need to jump. Your ability to say “No”to opportunities is critical!

So you have a choice right now.

You can either hope, and pray, and keep chasing money, and be a business opportunity seeker, and jumping from deal to deal.

OR you can learn how to build a real business online. You can learn how to provide VALUE in the marketplace and have a voice! You can have a long term vision!

If you really want to learn how to be a successful online entrepreneur, I highly recommend that you Plug into Profit Site (and you will have the same one built for you) and learn from six and seven figure mentors how to build the business online.

Click here and contact me with questions and I want to show you one serious legit business (not only business opportunity).

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