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How to turn your leads into sales (Hint: NOT by “selling”)

That’s the main reason why so many network marketers fail!  They are doing it wrong. (part content of this post by Rob Williams)

Stop Selling…
Yes, stop selling your offer or opportunity.


People like to buy, but no one likes to be sold.  Life is about helping and giving to others…

When you establish relationship with others you create what every successful marketer
have:  Know, Like, and Trust

Be sincere about helping others get what they want.  Provide valuable free or low cost marketing
tools and resources that have proven to work to help others get what they want.







When you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want!

(Zig Ziglar)

How To Have More Financial Freedom.

Discover how you can succeed online without recruiting and selling if you don’t like it (as many people do).  Get access to this Free 100% Done for You System. 

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You have been doing it tough for years trying to find enough money to have a decent
life for yourself and family by being in a job that overworks you and underpays you.

So you decided to try and work online where apparently people are making thousand
of dollars of easy money.

First you tried a M l M business and worked your butt off for months but ended up spending
more money than you made and completely burnt yourself out.

Next you tried a few online businesses that promised the world but always failed
to deliver and giving you the same results as your previous efforts.

This is a sad but very familiar story, truth is only 3% ever succeed in that space.

Don’t ever give up the dream.

Consider forex trading, a 5 trillion dollar/day business.

Right about now your probably thinking that I am a crazy man and out of my mind
for suggesting that to you.

Rather than me go in to heaps of details, let me put this in front of you.

A fully managed, automated and hands-free trading account, that does all the work for you.

You don’t send them money to trade with, that stays in your own account.
Minimum amount to start trading is only $200.

If you don’t have $200 in your possession, we will show you how you can earn hundreds,
maybe thousands of dollars at no cost to you.

Money which you can later fund your trading, when you think that you are ready.

If you’re excited by this idea and starting to dream again, access the free portal
and see for yourself.

Questions? Email me, text me.
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Yuri Grin

Yuri Grin

Internet entrepreneur, consultant. Toronto, Canada

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