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Working From Home More Productively – Five Effective Strategies

Working from home can be a challenge. But part of the dream of building an online business is to do away with the commute, or the need to be away from home 5 or 6 days a week. Or just to be closer to the family. I’m not sure what your home is like but mine borders on chaos most of the time. So I had to come up with some effective strategies to make working from home productive while reducing distractions as much as possible. I know that your situation is unique. We all have unique situations. Perhaps all of my strategies won’t work for you, but I hope enough of them do, or they spark unique strategies to fit your set of circumstances, (by internet specialist Kerri Foster)

1 Creating You Office Space

Home Work SpaceDepending on your situation having your own space to work from is critical for your productivity and organization. It could be like this one tucked into a small corner in a room or using a large closet or clearing a corner in that overfilled garage. This gives you the psychological advantage of having an actual “place” to go where you do your work. It also gives you a space to keep all your tools for working online, including any hard copy files, and your computer. This saves on time and effort.  If you are using the kitchen table once everyone is out of the house, you need to clear off the surface them got fetch all the items you need to get to work. This can be a big disincentive to actually getting to work. Without that workspace to go to each day, it can create a huge disincentive and create procrastination things you want to avoid if your time online is to be productive.

2 Set a Start Time Each Day

Schedule a timeThis falls under the category of discipline. If you are used to going to a job or still do, working from home can seem quite liberating, until you realize you’ve spent the whole day outside gardening, or baking, or shopping! That’s why you need to set a start time to be at your home office. Obviously, this could change from day to day. If you have a job outside the home and you have different start days, it would be beneficial to put a start time in your calendar to remind you what time you need to be at your home office. The more you treat working from home just like any other business or job the better your results are going to be. Make the time you spend at your home office realistic. Unrealistic plans can be counterproductive. When you first start doing this you might find it a bit of a juggling act. But stick to it. Even if you don’t always sit down when you plan to, be persistent in setting the time you will be at your desk. Failing to use this strategy can often lead to the loss of the vision you had when you decided working from home in your own business would be the answer to living a life of your dreams.

3 Set an Agreement with Family Members

Family agreementsIt’s best to set that scheduled time to be at your home office around a time when you are less likely to face family interruptions. But you also need to get an agreement with family members. Set some basic parameters or rules. If you plan to work for two hours each evening after dinner, then get the family to buy into that. Explain the reasons this time is important to you…and to them. See if you can’t get a voluntary agreement, rather than just laying down an authoritarian rule that has to be followed! Flexibility is a key here. But beware, flexibility can quickly become an excuse for not doing the important work of building your business dream online. First set the standard, be strict with yourself an family or you will never get this idea of your special time to sink in. Once the family understands how serious you are about respecting your hours in your home office, then you can allow yourself to be flexible in taking part in a spur of the moment family events.

4 Set Daily Goals for Your Online Activity While Working From Home

Write Out Your GoalsDreams need to be big, but goals are the opposite. They need to be small manageable steps you can accomplish within a comfortable time frame that move you closer to that big dream. The rule of thumb is never to focus on more than three goals each day. If you have limited time you might focus on accomplishing one step in an overall larger plan. However, you set goals for yourself, be sure to write them down. Writing down a goal is the first basic step in accomplishing it. Click here to see a great article

5 Allow for the Unexpected

Bend don't breakWorking from home an be a dream come true. Using the strategies I’ve outlined above will definitely help you make the transition from working outside the home to working productively in your home office. However, the unexpected will happen no matter how prepared you are. Be willing to bend in the face of some unexpected circumstance. Adhering to a schedule when things have gotten out of hand isn’t good from your sanity. Sometimes it’s been to just go with the flow than try to resist. You’ll know when these events happened. Always be wary that you are not using events as excuses. But flexibility is a marketing skill that will serve you well over the long run.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo survives by bending in the wind. ”  Bruce Lee

Working from home has been a blessing for me, allowing me to create more secure future and extra income streams.

While I’ve suffered through some frustrations there is nothing to compensate for working from home.

Following these 5 strategies will help you make that transition or help you improve your productivity while working from home.

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