ShurAds Activity Line Push System

ShurAds gives you 1 guaranteed visitor (high-quality traffic as like as Solo Ads) to your email ad for $0.0175 cent only.


How does your guaranteed mail ad advertising work?

A: With ShurAds, you get 100% usage of your mail ad credits (none wasted) with 100% views and 100% visits. If your ad is not read and website reviewed within 7 days of sending, you get that credit back.

Example: You send out to 1,000, if 726 get visited and reviewed within 7 days of being sent, you get the 274 unused credits back in your account to send another mail ad to. 

This way you never have wasted advertising and you’re getting the maximum out of your advertising dollars. PLUS remember, if you’re a pro affiliate (builder) your advertising credits generate matrix submissions to submit to the 100% Activity Driven “Trifecta” Infused, 6-Step Progressive Matrix & Rewards Platform, which in turn, generates up to 3 to 6 times more money back to you!


What do you mean by ““as mail ads become available”?

A: Our advertising platform is one-of-a-kind and built from scratch from ground up. There is sometimes a misconception that our site is a “Surf” site, which it is not. In a surf site, members submit ads and the ads get rotated on a surf bar.

In our system, our mail ads are sent out, just as any normal solo ad or email ad would be,and not to a surf bar. They are sent out and distributed to random pro affiliates (builders) first, then to free affiliates (and soon to random sites). Mail ads must be sent out by advertisers and affiliates for mail ads to” become available”. 

If you visit your “Submit Mail Ads” page, it explains how the 100% usage of mail ad credits work. As with any mail ad, not all get opened and read, and this is just one thing that makes different. We guarantee our advertisers and affiliates 100% usage and visitation. So, if you send out 1,000 mail ads and only 300 get opened and reviewed within 7 days of it being sent out, when the mail ad expires, you receive the 700 unused (unopened and reviewed) ad credits back to send out a new (or resend an existing) mail ad using those 700 mail ad credits. 

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