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Review top 10 traffic exchange sites according to Alexa Global Traffic Rank

If you decide to use Traffic Exchange sites see the list below and check my short review after the list.

According to Warrior Forum about 80% of internet marketers consider Traffic Exchange sites wasting of time. I would recommend to use them in 10% of your advertising campaigns, after you do tracking to see what works for you.

Tracking is one of the Most important Tools you Need in Your Business. Especially when it comes to the Traffic Exchange in List Building Industry. Either you are a beginner or been using Mailers for a while, doing your own tracking is crucial. This is the only way to know which Mailers that gives the best results and where you should spend your Time & Money. 

I use TheRealTracker to Track All Our Pages…

Here is the list of TOP Traffic exchanges (TE) accordingly to Alexa Global Rank (from 1 to 10 where #1 is the most popular, as for 26 Jan 2019, All TE are manual, except HitLeap – auto surfer). 

1. EasyHits4u – Alexa Global Traffic Rank = 17,874

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

2. LeadsLeap = 23,091

3. TrafficAdBar = 32,335

4. HitLeap       = 37,200

Free Traffic Exchange

5. TrafficG      = 50,393

6. ListSurfing  = 132, 282

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

7. Hit2Hit         = 134,947


8. HungryforHits = 150,557

Hungry For Hits free traffic exchange banner

9. Traffic Splash  = 169, 629

10. Tezzers  = 208, 181

Why Traffic Exchange sites is not the best way to promote your business or “truth” about TE?

See some comments:

  • ” These sites (Traffic Exchange) are only good for boosting visitor numbers. I’d rather have 1 buyer come to my site than 1,000,000 bots. You won’t make sales from that traffic.”
  • ” The best thing to do is to use a squeeze page, give away a free product and capture an email address. Then you can follow up with helpful emails to steer them to your product. Selling directly on a traffic exchange isn’t the best way to use them. Remember you only have a few seconds to get their attention. Plus you have to show stuff that traffic exchange visitors are looking for.”
  • ” You need to send your TE traffic to a squeeze page and build a list then promote your products to your list. You can try sending your traffic to the product page if you want to, but you will just be wasting your time.”
  • ” There aren’t any good or best TE, (IMHO). A zillion hits from bots won’t make you any sales. If it’s free methods for driving traffic you need to put some work in to gain traction. If you have a budget then solo ads are great as your offer is pre-qualified by the sender which gives you a better open rate than cold traffic. Mostly People are not looking to buy on TE, just earn credits and post their offers. Hope that helps! ”
  • (etc. see more forum opinions here)

What I can suggest?  Get More targeted traffic from Solo Ads.

I personally wasted months of work with (TE), of course I did it wrong way from the beginning.

I know you can tell me that it is not for everyone’s budget (100 hits for 50-70 bucks or more). There is another solution – 1000 leads daily (that 30 000 hits from quality traffic). You need to belong to special ad club with prices like on Boxing Day or Black Friday.

Check this or click the image below.

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