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Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are so important to our list building. They make the job of list building so much faster.
Don’t Complicate Things:
There is an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try fixin’ it”. A lot of wisdom in those words! Many times the solution to our problem is right under our noses. This is one of those times!
A Gift For Us:
A few years ago Matthew Graves created a site that was ahead of its time, called ‘Your Viral List”. It did very well when it opened. He tweaked it from time to time and made it better. Then 2 years ago he converted it into a blockbuster when to started the “Your Viral Group”. The rest is history!
He integrated Lead Magnets into the site and it Exploded! Now you see where I am going with this. This site is a natural for List Building and that is what we are all about!
Easy To Use, Low, Low Upgrade:
This site is so easy to use, making the Lead Magnets easy to manage. All the record keeping, statistics gathered for you, all you do is pick which Lead Magnet you want to use. Then you can mail to all the Your Viral Mailers Daily if you are upgraded (one of my sponsors, John Worsham, explained to me how it works, so you can do it too. Email me).
Register for  f r e e  to see all these lead magnets in this program inside. Then upgrade. Only 6 dollars per month per site for premium upgrade. You get free mailing credits, a thousand per site per day with your upgrade, and much more! Like mailing daily to 45,000 members!
You really need nothing else:
What a sweet set-up. No pain, no strain, just sales and profits. That is what you are looking for isn’t it?
My job is to present ideas and solutions to you for serving your prospects. What you do with those ideas and solutions is really up to you!

The ball is in your court, will you dribble the ball or will you shoot it?