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Viorgon – 01 – CONNECTIVE TISSUE of our Body



Fluurevites  are aqueous solutions of specific protein-peptide compounds isolated from the extracellular matrix of animals ( bioflurevites ), plants ( phytoflurevites ) and fungi ( mycoflurevites ) in low concentrations.

The name ” Flurevit ” is derived from the Latin words “Fluidum regulator vitae”, which means ” life regulating fluid “.

Fluurevites actually activate the body’s self-regulation mechanisms, helping to restore the structure and functions of organs and tissues to their natural norm.

Flurevity  created on the basis of unique Russian technologies and are the result of years of research aimed at finding the mechanisms and substances that regulate the body as a biological system.

A group of Russian scientists (working at the AN Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds and the Institute of Biology of Development named after IK Koltsov of the Russian Academy of Sciences) under the guidance of Doctor of Chemical Sciences Professor  Igor Alexandrovich Yamskov and Doctor of Biological Sciences Professor  Victoria Petrovna Yamskova discovered these amazing compounds – Intercellular Matrix Biopolymers (MKM)  and developed a method for their extraction and use in various products for internal and external use.

These regulatory compounds have been found not only in most mammalian tissues, but also in plant and fungal tissues.

These compounds are the  most effective regulators of biochemical and biophysical processes occurring in all tissues. They contribute to the restoration of regulation of organ-tissue homeostasis, the violation of which is the root cause of the development of any pathology. Dysregulation caused by the accumulation of errors in the operation of biochemical systems is also observed during aging.

Regulatory proteins (RB) accelerate biosynthesis, transport of useful substances into cells, increase the permeability of the cell membrane for these substances, maintain the homeostasis of the cells, increase the synthesis of proteins and enzymes and prevent the toxins from entering the intercellular matrix and the cells themselves.

The action of  Flurevites  is due to the effect on the so-called “small matrix” (MM) – a structurally organized gel formed by small protein molecules and water molecules. It is this MKM structure that records and spreads the regulatory signal in the body.

In the course of long-term studies, it was found that the effect of these regulatory compounds MM is characterized by the absence of species specificity, but the presence of pronounced tissue specificity – extracts from rat tissues act on the cells of mice, from tissues of young bulls – on human cells, but at the same time extracts from the liver , acts only on the liver, but not on the heart.
Therefore, in the production of our products, we use protein-peptide complexes extracted from the tissues of healthy young animals, plants and fungi, carefully controlling their quality.

It should be noted that aqueous solutions of these regulatory compounds are particularly effective at ultra-low concentrations . This feature determines the safety of all our products manufactured on their basis: at a concentration of 10 —14 to 10 —16 M, they do not adversely affect individual tissues or the organism as a whole. In addition, they retain their properties for many years and are resistant to various influences, including temperature.

Thus, due to its unique properties,  Flurevites  are designed to help the body awaken hidden reserves, make the cells of tissues and organs work harder, rejuvenate them.

Being a part of the natural mechanism of self-regulation,  flurevites are absolutely harmless, which is confirmed by the results of many years of research and their application in practice.



Splash – sterile aqueous solutions of regulatory protein-peptide compounds isolated from the extracellular matrix of animals (bioflurevity), plants (phytoflurevites) and fungi (mycoflurevites) in low concentrations.Promote the regeneration and rejuvenation of all organs and tissues of the body. These are highly effective food substances of the new generation, created on the basis of the newest Russian biotechnologies.Due to its unique properties, Viorgons are regulators of biochemical and biophysical processes occurring in all tissues of the body. They contribute to the restoration of the natural mechanism of self-regulation, the violation of which is the cause of any pathology.SEARCHES in ultra-low doses:
• safe;
• distinguished by high bioavailability;
• compatible with all biopharmaceuticals, drugs, etc.
• no side effects.VIORGON 01 (connective tissue bioflureitis)

Source of excretion: medical serum

In the human body there are many kinds of different tissues. One of the most important is the connective tissue – it is a connecting link connecting all the tissues of our body. The normal functioning of organs and systems of the human body largely depends on its condition. Connective tissues are the tissues of the internal environment and are divided into the actual connective tissue and skeletal tissue (cartilage and bone). The connective tissue itself is divided into:

1) fibrous, including loose and dense, which includes decorated and unformed
2) tissue with special properties (adipose, mucous, reticular and pigment).

“The connective tissue in man plays the role of the soul, because it unites (integrates) into a single whole the whole organism, all its cells, particles, organs of the system”. (Doctor of Medical Sciences A.A. Alekseev, 1993) The proportion of connective tissue is from 60 to 90% of the mass of organs. It consists of cells (fibroblasts, fibroblasts) and extracellular substances (matrix). In loose connective tissue there are many cells and the main intercellular substance; in dense, there are few cells and the main intercellular substance and many fibers. Depending on the ratio of cells and intercellular substance, these tissues perform various functions.

In particular, loose connective tissue to a greater extent performs trophic function and to a lesser extent – mechanical support, dense connective tissue to a greater extent performs supporting mechanical function.

The extracellular substance (matrix) is a highly hydrated gel formed by high-molecular compounds. They make up about 30% of the weight of the intercellular substance, and 70% are water.

The extracellular matrix contains many different compounds (inorganic and organic) and performs various functions. It provides communication between cells, forms mechanically strong structures, such as bones, cartilage, tendons and joints, forms the basis of filtering membranes, for example, in the kidneys, isolates cells and tissues from each other, forms cell migration paths along which they can move , for example, during embryonic development.

A cell can react to irritation only when information enters it from the intercellular space. The dynamic structure of this space and the principles of its regulation (the main regulation system) determines the effectiveness of extracellular and intracellular processes. Disruption of the functions of the extracellular matrix can lead to various pathologies of organs and body systems.

Viorgon 01 , based on the glycoprotein isolated from medical serum, helps to restore the regulatory functions of the connective tissue, thereby self-activating the biochemical and biophysical processes occurring in it.

Action Viorgona 01:

  • Contributes to the restoration of the regenerative functions of bone tissue in fractures of the extremities, including fractures of the femoral neck.
  • It is an effective adjuvant in the treatment of a number of severe pathologies of the joints associated with the violation of the structure and function of cartilage tissue.
  • It is recommended for arthritis, arthritis, synovitis (as evidenced by the data of biomedical and clinical trials of Viorgon 01, conducted in the department of sports and ballet injury of the CITO them. NN Priorov). It can be applied as water applications.
  •  It is recommended as an adjunct to repair damaged skin, including in the treatment of burn disease, bedsores and to prevent their formation.
  • It contributes to the acceleration of the reparative functions of the skin after radiation damage occurring, for example, after radiotherapy.
  • It also seems promising to use as an adjunct in gastroenterology (peptic ulcer, gastritis, gastroduodenitis), in proctology (diseases of the colon), in gynecology (cervical erosion).
  • When taken during the rehabilitation period, it contributes to the formation of an elastic scar in the myocardium after a heart attack (together with Viorgon 10)
  • Restores impaired body functions after strokes and in neurodegenerative diseases (together with Viorgon 02).
  • Promotes increase of a potentiality (together with Viorgon 18).
  • Helps restore self-regulation of the immune system.
  • It has a geroprotective effect.
  • The surprising diversity of the action of Viorgon 01 is obviously connected with the fact that it is a regulator of the connective tissue homeostasis, which, in turn, determines the functioning of other tissues, for example, epithelia that are in contact with it.

Method of application:
Dilute to 5 drops in 50 ml of water (mix well) or drip under the tongue (hold it in the mouth without swallowing immediately) 2-3 times a day. It is recommended to use at least 2-3 months, as separate courses 2-3 times a year as a prophylactic.
To restore the elasticity of the skin, you can add 3-5 drops of VIORGON No. 1 to a cream or tonic, and to strengthen and grow hair in a shampoo or hair mask. For applications, dilute 8-10 drops per 100 ml of water.

ATTENTION!!! It is recommended to take the same types of flurevites (BIOFLUREVITES, FITOFLUUREVITES, MYOFLUUREVITES) separately, without mixing, at intervals of 3-5 minutes!




All PIES can be used to treat pets.

Storage conditions: store at room temperature or in the refrigerator, avoid sunlight. Do not store in the sun!
It is recommended to tightly close the lid, in order to avoid bacteria in the solution.
In open form, it retains its properties during the shelf life (2 years).

Developer: LLC Institute for Problems of Bioregulation, Moscow.
All products are certified.