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Where are the rocks in the  river?

This short story or joke can be applied
to people who now are starting online
business from home.Personally, I can relate to this story too.

I’ve been there.

So many times we see tons of advertising
on our monitors about how easy
people are making money online –
” …And you can too. Right?”

I agree, it can be simple (but not easy), if you make all
the settings and tune your sales funnel properly and other tech stuff.

 Here’s the story..
do you know where the rocks are in the river.

avoid problems in online business

The three guys went fishing and about mid morning.

The Priest said to the other two, “I am going to the car to get
my favorite fishing lure.”
The Priest jumps out of the boat and tip toes across the water, gets to the shore
gets his fishing lure and tip toes back to the boat.
About an hour later the Rabbi says, “I have got to go to the car and get my lunch.”
So, the Rabbi jumps out of the boat, tip toes across the water, gets to the shore,
grabs his lunch and tip toes across the water back to the boat.
Now, the Minister is scratching his head and wondering what’s going on! He reaches the point
where he just can’t stand it so he says to the Priest and the Rabbi that he is going
to the car to get his lunch as well.
The Minister jumps out of the boat and sinks to the bottom.The Priest and the Rabbi look at each other and say,

“Do you think that we should tell him
where the rocks are”?

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