Done for you system is like a leverage for online business.

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Lessons from the bathtub (NO pics!)

Once upon a time, there was a really smart guy with a weird name.

His name was Archimedes.

You may have never heard of him. But you’ve probably heard the word “Eureka!”

He was in the bathtub one day, figured out a solution to a tough problem and shouted

Well, here’s something else about Archimedes you might not have known.

He once said, “If you give me a long enough
pole and a place to stand….I can move the world.”

What was he talking about?


Step-by-step blueprint to home profit game plan

He (Archimedes) was talking about leverage.

“Leverage” is a way of multiplying your own efforts so you get more done without working any harder.

Ready for the best part? It works with money, too.

Think about this…

Everyone knows you make money when YOU personally make a sale, right?

But, did you know that I (the owner of Plug in Profit site, Stone Evans) make up to $496
whenever someone ELSE on my team makes a sale?

And that’s just from ONE of the programs I’m building.

Read that again…

Can you imagine?  Earning $496 for work that someone ELSE did?

It’s the best form of leverage in the world!

Now do you see why hundreds of people have joined this system in the last few weeks?

It’s growing FAST.

This could be your “Eureka” moment!

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Yuri Grin

Internet entrepreneur, consultant. Toronto, Canada