Programs advertise this word – F R E E – all the time to get you to join.  However, if no money ever changes hands, how can anyone earn an income?  Online business is overall cheaper than offline, because you do not deal with some of the typical expenses, such as land, buildings, equipment.  You work out of your existing residence using an online connection you already subscribe to, and you use a computer, tablet or phone you already own.

Online businesses still have costs, such as scripts, merchant accounts and hosting.  Therefore, the business must recoup these costs plus some profit as they put a price on the product, service or training they are providing.

Some people forget these costs and are just free loaders, trying to get something for nothing.  Another possibility is because they have lost some money trying to figure out online marketing, and their reluctance for risk is driving this behavior.

Let me present you with some real life examples:  You would never go to a gas station and expect free gas, a restaurant and expect a free meal, or a grocery store and expect free milk and eggs.  Yet somehow a lot of people associate online business as free.

For anyone to make an income, money must pass from one person to another.  Otherwise, what incentive would anyone have to start an online  b u s i n e s s.  This is a simple concept you need to realize if you plan to be serious about an online income.

As you start to build you affiliate business, you can go free on some aspects of your business, mainly traffic generation.  Using traffic exchanges, safe lists, and social media to send traffic to your offers.  However, realize this is a cost in time, not money, but it is a cost to you.

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