Email is still the best way to connect with prospects

Are Your Emails Being Ignored?

Email is still the best way to connect with prospects and turn them into buyers …
if you know how to write compelling emails.
Today, you can get free access to a two-part workshop that will show you how to do exactly that.
These are workshops that others paid to get access to.  You get them for free.
Your ability to write emails will determine how many signups you get and how much money you make online.
This is a skill you need to sharpen!
Even more I will show you   r a d i c a l l y   different business online.

Want to succeed? Make things differently!

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To create a thriving online business, you need the right tools.
We have access to the best tools that allow us to find hidden
opportunities, make the right decisions, get more done in less time, create systems
that can be replicated, market our businesses, and much more.
A successful online business requires research, studying your competition, sorting through data,
understanding analytics.
Creating funnels and auto-responders, and, of course, recognizing which sites and
which companies matter and which do not. Tools not only make life easier
but are essential to growing your business. Ultimately, you have to have the guidance
of somebody like our leader, Matthew Graves.
He has already done what we are all trying to do. On our newly formed team, you will have that guidance,
as well as the necessary tools to succeed. Our expert, Matthew Graves, will give you
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to truly find success online.
Discover innovative ideas with a complete system that has never been done before!
This new system was created to help the beginners or struggling online marketer profit from the methods
that actually work, without becoming a marketing expert first.
Regards and see you on inside.
Yuri Grin

“Wise Men Speak Because
They Have Something To Say;
Fools Speak Because
They Have To Say Something”

Herculist Safelist is Proven For Multiple Years

It is rare when you can find a traffic source or free website that keeps delivering high quality traffic, year after year.
Everyone likes to join new safelists because they perform so well … especially when they are new. However, it is the test of time that will truly show the quality sites.
One site that has been a continual best performer for me has been Herculist.
They have been around for almost 20 years, delivering high converting traffic day in and day out.
There are lots of different ways to advertise at Herculist to get the attention of the members. It isn’t just email advertising. This flexibility has really worked well for me with solo ads and login ads.
It is free to join, and it comes with my highest recommendation.
Leads, Leads, Leads!
Do take a close look after you decide to join the Gold upgrade option, because it is loaded with benefits for only $25 for a year or $49 for lifetime.
Herculist has been an internet marketing must since 2001.
All new HercuList PLUS is enhanced with our theZONE surfing system.
NO fake traffic and NO bots!
1:1 surf ratio and fast timers!
$5 signup bonus!

Leads, Leads, Leads!

List Adventure Is The Way To Get More Visitors To Your Website

Watch The Video Below To See Why List Adventure Is The Easiest Way To Get More Visitors to Your Website – With Just A Few Clicks of Your Mouse.

Online business doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

Why not make it fun?

List Adventure has turned list building into an epic adventure.

You can level up, earn badges, and of course seriously build your business and brand.

Check it out:

It’s from the creators of BweebleList Joe and  List Impact,  so you know its going to be

They completely revamped it and turned it into one of the coolest ways to make money online.

You’ll never get bored of internet marketing again!

P.S. Yes, its 100% free to join. And, you can level up to access more bonus credits. BUT, if
you want to speed up your success, check out the great opportunity after you sign up. It’s
well worth it.

You’ve probably heard this 100xs:

You need your own email list to make money online.

Sure, that’s true. But how do you get a list when you are just starting out?

Here’s the solution:

There’s a cool site called List Adventure that allows you to instantly email 1000 real, home-
based marketers instantly.

Yes, it’s essentially your own list! Problem solved.

You can email 1000 people right now, and start receiving real visitors to your site.

Join the brand new project online “Your Success Advantage” to know what traffic sources are now converting better (the list is updated every 7 days).

State of the Art Mailer


Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer!

Throughout their 9 year history, the Admins at SOTAM
are asked if Safelists/Mailers can actually produce sales to
business opportunities. While no Admin can guarantee
members will buy what is being sold on their sites, SOTAM
has a proven history of members that spend money.

In their 9 years online, there has been 34,754 purchases
of upgraded memberships, Full Page Ads, and Viral Banner
Ads bought by 6193 unique buyers.

That should tell you two things:

1) There are buyers here.
2) There are repeat buyers here!

Does that mean you will be able to sell your offers here?
That is up to you and what you are offering. All I can
say is that the buyers are here if your offer appeals to
them and I want to advertise where there is a long
proven history of sales and repeat sales happening!

Here are some other numbers to check out….

– No monthly subscription option via Bitcoin
– Proven and Stable… 9 years old!
– 38,750 members
– Ranked #1 by Hoopla for years!
– NEVER a missed payment during that time
– 1,956,205,560 emails sent since launch
– 68,091,194 million clicks (ads opened) generated
– 383,870,786 Time-Bonus Banner Ad views
– $381,711.20 in commissions earned by members
– High commission potential
– Multiple membership levels available

If you want a system with members that spend money,
SOTAM has a history of thousands of purchases and
repeat purchases for over 9 years now so join now!


Breaking news: Right now Tezzermail is red hot

If your offer is good enough – you can 1 sign up per 84 visitors.

At TezzerMail our member database are double opt-in
and continues to grow every hour of the day, 7 days a
week, 365 days a year!

So rush over and access this ever growing resource of
red hot prospects and get them working for you.

The point-and-click system makes sending your email
promotions simple and fast!

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PS: Did you know A recent study concluded that
email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new
customers than Facebook and Twitter. (Source: McKinsey
& Company)

So it makes sense to use our member base to send out
your promotional emails too.

P.S.S. Did you know When marketed through email,
consumers spend 138% more than people who don’t
receive email offers. (Source: Convince and Convert)

Don’t become a statistic. Don’t rely on people surfing
your sites at TE’s. Take back control by actively
emailing our database.

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TOP 10 Tips for Safelist Marketing

Safelist Marketing is one of the fastest, simplest methods of getting your ads out to potential prospects.

Before starting, read 10 tips on how to use this method better and find some good safelists below to join.

Here’s how to get started right away: sign up for each safelist below and start blasting away! Many of the are free to join, and most also pay commissions or  g i v e  you credits for referring others, giving you an additional source of income and/or more advertising!

NOTE: When you join a safelist, many times you will need to give them two email addresses in order to join. You can use your main email address as your Contact email, as long as you don’t mind getting an a few Solo Ads sent to you every day. But, it’s a better idea just to use a Contact Email address specifically for Safelists. You must NEVER use your main email account for your List Email because you will be inundated with tons of emails.

If you want a great List Email account, where you NEVER have to worry about running out of space, just click here for the BEST FREE email account on the net.

Here are TOP 10 Safelist Tips: (by Cynthia Howard)

Tip #1: Keep it Short and to the Point!

These days, people are so deluged with emails that they will NOT take the time to read a long email ad, even if they ARE interested.

They will just skim over the main points and then click on your link, IF they think it sounds interesting.

Therefore, don’t annoy your potential prospects by making them work hard to get to the point.

Besides, you should not be trying to sell them anything in your ads anyway, so you don’t need to go into a lot of detail.

You just need them to click the link in your ad, and then your website can do the rest of the work for you.

Short and “to the Point” is the ticket!


Safelist Marketing is one of the fastest, simplest and safest methods of getting your message out to
potential prospects.

Recommended safelists:

Tip #2: Use the Name Variables!

Using the Name Variables will insert your prospect’s name right in the Subject Line, and also in the Body of the ad itself if you choose, and this is a Very Good Thing!

You want your prospect’s name to show, especially in the Subject Line. This will accomplish two things.

First, the subject line will stand out from the rest of the emails in your prospect’s inbox because most people do not bother to utilize this feature.

Second, it will seem more personal to your prospect, like you wrote the email special, just for them.

CAUTION: be careful with this feature because the variables differ from safelist to safelist, and it will look very unprofessional if you get it wrong because your prospect will see something like this: {firstname} in place of their name…not good.

Recommended safelist:

Profitable Email Marketing

Tip #3: It’s ALL About the Subject Line!

Your Subject Line is the MOST important part of your Safelist Advertising. In fact, it is way more important than the actual ad itself, because nobody will ever read your ad if they don’t find your Subject Line enticing.

People will be scrolling through a list of subject lines, looking to see if anything looks interesting, so you have to make your ad stand out from the rest.

Hint: Asking a question is one great way to pique curiosity.

Here’s a subject line I use a lot:  Do Safelists Really Work?

Also, you can make your Subject Line stand out by placing odd characters (###, ***, @@@) at either end, or even indenting it by placing word spaces at the beginning.

Putting an ellipses at the end is another way to engage your prospects and make them wonder what’s coming next.

Here’s an example:  How to Triple Your Income by…

Recommended safelist:

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Tip #4: Keep it REAL!

A little bit of hype is ok, but don’t go overboard.

You know what I mean…

“Join, Do Nothing and Make a Million Dollars in One Month!”

People are just tired of it.

Yes, you need to make your product/program sound great, but not impossibly great.



Safelist Marketing is one of the fastest, simplest and safest methods of getting your message out to
potential prospects. But you want to build list of real customers, not of people that are looking for “get- rich-quick”, right?

Recommended safelist:

Special Tip #00: You need Autoresponder and Ad campaign to it!

To get you started, here’s something every marketer should have; a subscribers list. Without one you are losing out on more sales than you’ll ever realize. You might have heard the saying before that “The money is in the list”. Well, it’s true. You can spend a lot of time with free advertising and a lot of money on paid advertising over time and you will get some one-time sales each time you send out a new campaign to your offer. You make the sale, but essentially lose that customer for any future sales.

I scoured the internet looking at all the options available for email marketing services and when all was said and done, we settled on TrafficWave as the absolute best option out there. All the other providers out there were either more expensive or they increased in price as your subscriber list grows. Not so with TrafficWave. It’s one of the most reliable and affordable options at just $17.95 a month and that price never goes up.

Whether you have 500 subscribers or 500,000 subscribers, you’ll always pay the same low price.

If you’re in need of an email marketing service you’ll definitely want to consider TrafficWave as your first option. We use it ourselves and highly recommend it!

You will have even more benefits (see info at the end of this post) if you sign up to this Autoresponder as The Towers Team Member (not only 30 days free trial, but I will also pay your second month cost and set up Ad Campaign for you). Here is the opt-in form to join The Team and Rotator >>

Recommended safelist:


Will be updated soon with more tips…#5 etc.