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The Power of One in Network Marketing and TrafficWave

Network Marketing Wealth With The Power Of One

Most of the time, when we hear about a powerful success story in network marketing, we are hearing about someone that just ran some incredible numbers on an almost impossible to believe level.

While it is exciting to read about this sort of success, most of us tend to think that we just can’t achieve that sort of wealth in network marketing unless we become a power house recruiter and put hundreds of people in to the business, personally.

This article is designed to show you what can be done when you commit to being consistent and focus your efforts for a while, no matter which network marketing business you are building.

I call it:

The Power Of One

This plan is designed for the part-timer that may only have a few hours to spend on their business each week. They aren’t going to quit their job any time soon but they do want to build a business on the side with the expectation that they will have the option to fire their boss or cut their job hours back should they choose to do so.

What we are going to focus on is bringing in 1 new referral each month. Just ONE.

Can you do more? Yes but this example is going to focus on the sort of power and leverage you can build up by bringing in just one new referral and (this is the important part) teaching and helping them to do the same.

Let’s take a look at what can happen with this incredible Power Of One system in your network marketing business.

Remember: We are focusing on getting ONE new referral each month. We are going to then work with that new referral to help them do the same.

So let’s take a look at what can happen.

Month 1: You are just getting started with your new business. You are excited, of course! You probably don’t know much about the pay plan or how it all works but you can definitely see the potential. You reach out to some friends and you bring in one new referral. You now have 1 referral in your team.

Month 2: You and your new team member from last month also bring in a new referral. Your group grows by 2 so you now have a total of 3 referrals in your team.

Month 3: You and your 3 referrals are getting the training. You are working together and you each bring in 1 new referrals. Your team now has 7 total referrals.

Month 4: You and your team are staying in touch with your upline leadership team. You are working together and you each add a new referral. Your network marketing business now has a total of 15 people on your team. You have personally referred just 4 of those!

Month 5: You continue learning about your business. You are now seeing some results and your team is getting excited! You each refer just ONE new referral in this 5th month which now brings your network marketing team to a total of 31 members!

Month 6: By this time, most people have quit their network marketing business. They probably said something like, “I don’t like get rich quick deals” but then got frustrated because they didn’t make money fast. Most folks have been working their regular jobs much longer than 6 months and not only are they not rich yet but they have no reasonable expectation that their job will ever make them rich. But they keep waking up in the morning and going to their job.

You and your team recognize that this is a process that may take some time. You are committed to each other and your future success so you continue working together,. You spend time on personal development. You keep learning more and you each put one new referral on the team this month! Now your network marketing business has a total of 63 people and your team is really starting to get excited!

Month 7: You are starting to feel the excitement in your team, now. This Power of One is really starting to have an impact on your network marketing business. Your team is growing and so is your income!

You and your team are building momentum. Some folks may be putting in more than 1 new referral now but let’s keep doing the math based on everyone on the team bringing in just one new referral this month. Your team continues to grow and now you have 127 people in your network marketing business.

Month 8: Now you are really starting to feel the excitement! This thing is actually working! Your network marketing team is seeing results and you continue working on personal development. Your team follows the system and you each add one new referral. Your team now has 255 members!

Month 9: Your team reaches 511 members this month! Depending on your company’s pay plan, bonus incentives, etc… your income should be at a very nice level by this time!

Month 10: By following the simplicity of The Power Of One, your network marketing business has now reached 1,023 team members!

Month 11: Can you believe your team is now 2,047 members strong?

Month 12: 4,095 members in your network marketing business in your first year!

NOTE: I should say that reality is different than mathematical model and it can take you 2-3 years or even more to reach these numbers.

And Now For The Reality Check: If you are like most folks, you probably gave up around month 3, 4, or 5. Somebody told you “no”. Guess what. That happens to folks who have been in the industry for years and are earning 5 and 6 figure monthly checks, too. We all hear “no”. Those who succeed just didn’t quit. They just talked to the next person on their list.

The key to successfully implementing this plan is for YOU to make up your mind that you are going to see the plan all the way through. Recognize that some will do more than others. Some will do less than others. Some will quit. Some will excel. That’s what happens in the real world and it’s no different in the network marketing arena.

We all know that there are tremendously successful people involved in network marketing. The first question is for you to ask yourself: Am I ready to become one of the success stories? If you are, then make the decision to follow this plan. Don’t beg people to join your opportunity. Invite people to partner with you as you follow a plan to create financial freedom together.

Consider working harder on the front end and go for 2, 3, or 4 new referrals and work with them to do the same. Momentum is a powerful ally in your network marketing venture. Put it to work for you. Build as fast or as slow as you like but the key is to continue building your business!

Want to start? I will show you the plan! Click the image below:


BrianRooneyAbout The Author: Brian Rooney escaped the rat race in the year 2000 by starting his own home based business. Since that time, Mr. Rooney has provided tools and training for thousands of network marketing professionals via his internet marketing services. If you are looking for a home based business for yourself, be sure to view this and get this free report.



The Towers Team works with TrafficWave

Did you know that only 3%-4% of  i n t e r n e t  marketers are making money? The 97% who are not making money online fails because they do not have a good program or a proper system.

Well… not any more.

We have a solution for you! Don’t get distracted now on any other information on this blog.

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Simply by combining multiple profitable online business that all work together to produce a fast easy
D o w n l i n e  Builder  system that works for everyone, who have the determination to succeed in their own work at home business!

What is the plan or the solution?

To reach residual passive income of $3,000+/mo  in 18 months or $88k + /year working online for 3 years with our Team. What?It’s too long. You can say.

Why is it possible?Because you’ll build the network.

So, quit 40-40-40 club …

and welcome to The Towers Team !

Introducing …

What makes us different?

We use a sophisticated rotator set-up where all active members are in a constant loop of having their referral link rotated. There is no waiting for a so called hot seat. All you have to do is sign-up, wait and relax. We will advertise your referral link for you. The team works 24/7 to get leads. You will see that we will fill your matrix really fast.

Here’s how the Towers Team Downline Builder club works:

  • When you first sign up, we put you immediately on our first rotator. These rotator is where all the newly sing ups are.
  • We will do all the dirty work where we advertise to traffic exchanges, safelists, ads, and many more.
  • When a new member signs up through your referral link, you are then placed on our second rotator to receive more referrals
  • This process continues whenever a new member joins under an existing member. Each new referral will do the exact same thing creating a never ending downline for all to follow.
  • No need to wait for months or years in a single line, we will put you on a rotator where each member can receive signups equally. We specially help the new members in our first rotator to get sign us really fast.
  • No need to advertise, we do all the dirty work for you where we put your referral link all across the internet.
  • No need to join all the programs, you can start with one program at a time and scale up to join all.
  • We do not charge anything to join in our team. It is FREE of charge.
  • Important: We help you to get your first 10 paid members in your downline !!!

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TrafficWave Is It Still Worth Your Time In 2019?


Scattered Puzzle Pieces

Have you’ve been looking for ways to make money online, you’ve more than likely come across the term affiliate marketing.

There’s a reason for that — it’s simply one of the best ways for beginners to earn their first dollars online.

  • You don’t have to stockpile any products.
  • There’s no need to set up complicated payment systems.
  • You don’t have to stress about intimidating legal stuff.


All you need to do is to:

  1. Join one or more affiliate programs.
  2. Get your affiliate links and
  3. Find ways to promote them to the right people.

Every time someone buys a product or service through one of your links, you get paid a commission.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Simply learn about the details of each step, and you could get started with very little investment.

There’s just one problem, though…

The information is all over the place!

  • How do you promote your links?
  • Do you make a blog, or is that a waste of time?
  • Should you just build a simple funnel?
  • How do you approach social media?
  • What niches should you go into?
  • Which offers should you promote?
  • Just what makes a good affiliate program?

To get good answers to all of these questions (and many more), you would have to search the web for hours.

And this is where most beginners run into a giant wall of confusion…

They have to piece together what they find, and try to make a coherent game plan out of it all.

This can be time-consuming, tedious and, worst of all, greatly inefficient and worse it can be a huge waste of money!

TrafficWave Is It Still Worth Your Time In 2019?

Time to find one of the missing pieces (see picture above) – TrafficWave

We work in team. We market until you earn your first 1k per month. I will pay for you to help you get started. So I am sure in this program.

We’ll teach you EXACTLY how to do it. We’ll show you how to set up your capture page, list builder,

letters, and even where to promote to build your prospect lists.

Just follow the steps and build your success.

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How John Chow internet marketer made money online without any money.

How John Chow made and makes money online you can watch in his video (15 min). I think, you would agree that it took him years to reach this point when he can make money online without any money. That means he has now passive income.

You start as an affiliate for f r e e and get commissions then you leverage profits to scale up your business, get software, equipment, paid advertising.

Meeting in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

First step:

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This is a $997 training course we give away FREE to help train affiliates on how to do affiliate marketing.  The name of the course: “How to retire in 100 days with Click Funnels as a Super Affiliate”

PS: To make this conversation short I’d like to mention his thought that it cost as much as mobile phone price to start online business (in his case he started to make videos for YouTube using cell phone). Take a look what I recommend below.

Do you want to see how I use this point that you can start your own online business for the price of a cell phone? (like iPhone price). Click here or image below. 

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How to make living promoting online ClickBank Products

I think ClickBank University is the starting point, but read on…

If you’re wondering what are the keys to running a successful online marketing business, we’ll share them with you really quickly here:

1. You want to have a good product or service…the better received it is by your market the better you’ll do.
2. The platform you use to reach your audience should be one that is easily accessible…think Amazon, they do this very well.
3. You want a starving audience, not literally…but hungry enough that they are ready to devour what it is that you are offering them.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

#1 OFFER       CB Cash Code

It is, especially once you know how to piece this all together and this week we’re having two special guests to show you how you can make it work…
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During this workshop, you’ll learn how to make more, while working less.

  • No, you don’t need your own product…
  • You don’t need any SEO, Google Ads, Websites, Email Lists, upfront cash..
  • You don’t need ANY of that!
  • It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, or how much experience you have!
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Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

All in one profits – AIOP – teamwork and relationship.

How to turn your leads into sales (Hint: NOT by “selling”)

That’s the main reason why so many network marketers fail!  They are doing it wrong. (part content of this post by Rob Williams)

Stop Selling…
Yes, stop selling your offer or opportunity.


People like to buy, but no one likes to be sold.  Life is about helping and giving to others…

When you establish relationship with others you create what every successful marketer
have:  Know, Like, and Trust

Be sincere about helping others get what they want.  Provide valuable free or low cost marketing
tools and resources that have proven to work to help others get what they want.







When you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want!

(Zig Ziglar)

How To Have More Financial Freedom.

Discover how you can succeed online without recruiting and selling if you don’t like it (as many people do).  Get access to this Free 100% Done for You System. 

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You have been doing it tough for years trying to find enough money to have a decent
life for yourself and family by being in a job that overworks you and underpays you.

So you decided to try and work online where apparently people are making thousand
of dollars of easy money.

First you tried a M l M business and worked your butt off for months but ended up spending
more money than you made and completely burnt yourself out.

Next you tried a few online businesses that promised the world but always failed
to deliver and giving you the same results as your previous efforts.

This is a sad but very familiar story, truth is only 3% ever succeed in that space.

Don’t ever give up the dream.

Consider forex trading, a 5 trillion dollar/day business.

Right about now your probably thinking that I am a crazy man and out of my mind
for suggesting that to you.

Rather than me go in to heaps of details, let me put this in front of you.

A fully managed, automated and hands-free trading account, that does all the work for you.

You don’t send them money to trade with, that stays in your own account.
Minimum amount to start trading is only $200.

If you don’t have $200 in your possession, we will show you how you can earn hundreds,
maybe thousands of dollars at no cost to you.

Money which you can later fund your trading, when you think that you are ready.

If you’re excited by this idea and starting to dream again, access the free portal
and see for yourself.

Questions? Email me, text me.
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Top 10 Best Forex Brokers Review 2018

The very best Forex Broker (see more details here by Flippo)

Well, apparently you’re looking for the best forex broker in the world, right?

Our Top 10 of the best forex brokers it’s right for you then.

Over time we have created several lists on the best forex brokers in every category (find them at the bottom of this post).

But here we have gathered the very best of the best, the biggest trusted forex brokers in the world, with peaks of excellence in the quality of services.

This order is not necessarily a ranking, we’re talking about the top forex brokers around the world, the quality is very high in all cases, and it is therefore very difficult to find a real ranking.

Anyway, here is our list of the top 10 forex brokers renowned all over the world, with a short review too.

Before you go through the list watch this video below…

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Joe & Susie Average Becoming Forex Millionaires

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top 10 best forex brokers

Top 10 list of the best Forex brokers in the world and Review

1. Pepperstone

PepperstoneFounded in 2010 Pepperstone has quickly became one of the largest and most important Australian broker (in 2016 they reported an annual growth of 20% each year). Their headquarters is in Melbourne, but they also have offices in Dallas and Shangai. The most important Pepperstone features is without a doubt the ECN trading system, one of the best in the industry. Pepperstone offers various types of account to fill every client’s needs, from the more “normal” trader, to the “high volume” one, to the EA user, etc. You have the Standard account, the Razor, the Swap Free and the Active Traders. To be noted also the partnership with Equinix, a Nasdaq company, a financial network placed near Wall Street, a strategic place to be able to get the best prices.

  • Regulations: ASIC
  • Type: ECN – DMA
  • Leverage: up to 1:500
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 200
  • Headquarter: Australia
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Stocks, indices, CFDs, Commodities
  • Try Pepperstone with a demo account

2. FxPro

fxpro scalpingFounded in 2006, the English broker FxPro has always been one of the key broker for the NDD category, a category in which many traders are particularly interested. FxPro has also won several awards over the years for its trading platforms, from the MetaTrader to the cTrader. FxPro also proposes several new technologies that make it a very state of the art broker from this point of view, particularly for those users who prefer automated trading. Services like cAlgo Algorithmic Trading, FxPro Library, FxPro Quant Strategy Builder and FxPro VPS are definitely worth trying if you want to automate your strategy.

  • Regulations: CySEC, FCA, FSB, DFSA, SCB
  • Type: STP (Straight Through Processing)
  • Leverage: up to 500:1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 100
  • Headquarter: UK
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Stocks, Indices, Futures CFDs, Commodities
  • Try FxPro with a Demo Account

3. Plus500

Plus500Another giant of the Forex sector, well known all over the world and based in Cyprus, Plus500 is a CFD Broker, market maker type. With Plus500, in addition to the major forex currency pairs, you can access around 2000 tradable CFDs. Plus500 does not offer trading through the classic MT4 or MT5 platforms, but only through its own web, desktop and mobile platforms, expressly designed to improve the CFD trading experience. Plus500 can be a good choice for those who want to start trading, given the ease of use of its proprietary platforms.

  • Regulations: Plus500CY Ltd authorized & regulated by CySEC (#250/14)
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 1: 30
  • Minimum Deposit: € 100
  • Headquarter: Plus500Cy Ltd is based in Cyprus
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: CFDs on indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, options, ETFs
  • Try Plus500 with a demo account (CFD Service. 80.6% lose money)

4. Markets.com

markets.comAs written directly on the home page “MARKETS.COM is operated by Safecap, a subsidiary of Playtech PLC which is traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.” Markets.com is one of the fastest growing broker in recent years, thanks to the significant investments made and the quality of their services (in particular the multilingual support department, available 24/5, for which they even received several awards). As the domain name may suggest, the goal of this broker is to provide coverage on as many markets as possible, so as to become the reference point not only for forex brokers, but for the whole universe of online trading.

  • Regulations: CySEC, FSB
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 1: 300
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 100
  • Headquarter: Cyprus
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Stocks, indices, ETFs, CFDs, Commodities, Bitcoin
  • Try Markets.com with a demo account

5. IC Markets

icmarketsIC Markets, founded in 2007 and based in Sydney, is the first Australian forex broker, and one of the biggest in the world, also booming in recent years. IC Markets is renowned for its cutting-edge ECN technology, a factor that has enabled it to become one of the best brokers in terms of spread. For this reason, this broker is often the first choice of scalpers and day traders, i.e. traders with a high volume of daily operations.

  • Regulations: ASIC
  • Type: ECN/STP
  • Leverage: 500:1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 200
  • Headquarter: Australia
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Commodities, Indices, Futures, CFD
  • Try IC Markets with a Demo Account

6. IG Markets

ig marketsAmong the “old English brokers” in the industry, founded back in 1974, IG Markets is renowned for the reliability and the quality of service and for being one among the brokers with the highest number of CFDs an investor can have access to, more than 10,000 to be precise. Until a few years ago this broker was among the few not supporting the MetaTrader platform, but just the ProRealTime one, even though today it also integrates the most popular MT4 and the L2 Dealer, to better meet the needs of many customers.

  • Regulations: FCA UK, ASIC, FINMA
  • Type: ECN/STP & Market maker
  • Leverage: up to 200: 1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 200
  • Headquarter: UK
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: CFDs, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, ETP, Options , interest Rates, VIX, bonds, bitcoin, IPO
  • Try IG markets with a demo account

7. Oanda

oandaBroker of Canadian origin, founded in 1995, Oanda is among the biggest player regarding specifically the Forex market. It has been estimated that about 20% of spot forex daily operations passes through the Oanda servers. In addition to the classic MT4, Oanda provides its own WebTrader with which you can operate with a Cent Account, i.e. you can trade with very little quantities (fractions of microlots). This feature allows you to work with a good money management even with accounts of a few tens of dollars.

  • Regulations: NFA, CFTC, FCA UK, IIROC, MAS Singapore
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 50:1
  • Minimum Deposit: none
  • Headquarter: Canada, USA
  • US Customers: Yes
  • Other instruments: Indices, Commodities, bonds, CFDs
  • Try Oanda with a Demo Account

8. Saxo Bank

saxo bankMore than a broker, we are in the presence of a bank, so much so that it is regulated as such. Saxo Bank, a Danish company founded in 1992, is definitely not for all budgets having a minimum deposit of $ 10,000. Once inside, however, you can have access to a broker with very high professionalism and the ability to trade also on real instruments such as futures, options and bonds.

  • Regulations: FINMA
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 100: 1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 10,000
  • Headquarter: Denmark
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Stocks, Options, ETFs, ETCs, Futures, CFD, Bonds
  • Try Saxo Bank with a Demo Account

9. Forex.com

forex.comTogether with Oanda, Forex.com, founded in 1999 in New Jersey, it’s another attractive alternative for US customers. In fact, this broker, thanks to the closure of the US market to foreign competition, is now the largest broker in terms of daily trading volumes. In addition to size, Forex.com is also distinguished by the large number of regulations around the world it complies with, and element indicating the high level of safety and professionalism. In addition to MT4, the Forex.com customers can also access the FOREXTrader Pro platform and GTX – Forex ECN (for large or institutional clients).

  • Type: ECN/STP – Market maker
  • Leverage: up to 200:1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 250
  • Headquarter: US
  • US Customers: Yes
  • Other instruments: Indices, Commodities
  • Try Demo Account with Forex.com

10. XM.com

xmXM, founded in 2009 in Cyprus, is the largest forex brokers in Cyprus, and third in the world, with an important rate of growth in recent years. In terms of platforms, this broker only offers the MT4 and MT5, but where it excels is definitely in the orders execution technology, which is why it is very popular among very active day traders (also considered the highly leveraged granted which can go up to 888:1)

  • Regulations: CySEC, ASIC
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 888:1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 5
  • Headquarter: Cyprus
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Indexes, Commodities, Stocks, CFDs
  • Try XM with a Demo Account

Free Automated Forex Portal

I understand, you may say that Forex and Bitcoin Portal is not for me.

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Many people fail to build online business. It’s a fact = 95%.

They cannot build a list, recruit people, make sales, go through technical details or sort out different scams, “get-rich schemes”, compensation plans.

For years – decades actually – we have suffered as we have been sucked into various “latest, greatest compensation plan ever”. The problem is that the “latest, greatest” plan always turns out to be some variation of a system that works GREAT for the originator and a few insiders at the top. HOWEVER, not so for the rest of us.
Examples: Binary plans, pass up plans, cyclers, straight line plans, step up plans, most matricies, most big ticket plans, and many others. All good for the owners, but not for the masses. If you do not understand why any of these are BAD for your financial health, just ask and I will explain.
Take the step up idea for instance, which is frequently used for cash gifting, cloud funding and others. You are told you can start with only $14 (pick your own favorite starting number) and get four people. Within a few weeks you will be earning $83,000 per MONTH! (Ha, ha!)
The reality is the first step up is $25, then $50, then $100, then $200, etc. for however long it takes. It appears that it would take 1024 people just to get you to the $200 level – which is unlikely in itself. However that is NOT the worst of it. To get PAID on that $200 level you must have five MORE levels under you – which would mean 1,048,576 people!

But still Everyone is looking for passive income from internet and  wish to working from anywhere.

The Key Word here is Passive.

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Forex and Bitcoin Portal.

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Become A Forex Millionaire Even If You Don’t Have A CLUE
How To Trade In The Forex!

We’ve been in some awesome training the last few days (press HERE to reach all training and platform for free). Or just skip ahead and go to the bottom of the post and press the button to go inside.
If you’ve watched even just one of the training videos I’ve sent you over the past several days you now know how to potentially become a Forex millionaire in the next 3 -5 years. I am almost sure that you are skeptical now. (I know I lost money on Forex before).
But knowing is NOT enough, my Friend.
You may still be skeptical.
Just put that aside real quick and lets talk about risk and reward for a second.
What’s the risk?  
$200 dollars is all it takes to fund your account.  (Of course you can always deposit more or reinvest profits in the future)
The reward?
If you were to stick with just that first $200 and never deposited another penny, at 12% a month – that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in 5 years.
In that case, the very most you could lose is $200 – for the chance to earn hundreds of thousands?
Sooo, why not???
I cannot see ANY reason to sit on the fence here.  In my mind it just doesn’t make sense to sit on the sidelines.
Thus, if you have any questions feel free to reply to this email and ask away.  As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m not doing my job right, because this is seriously a no brainer.
Here is training #7. (you can get all the information once you sign in for free HERE).
Take action now – avoid the regrets you would have later by doing nothing.
You will see the exact plan to getting you to millionaire status in 3 to 5 years.
Are you ready to see the plan?
Get excited.

In just 20 minutes you’ll know exactly how to change your life and future forever.
YOU do NOT need to be skeptical like Jay any longer…
Because, unlike Jay, you can see the facts to make a good decision right here…
This is why I continue to show you that this is REAL and that people just like you and me are setting themselves up to be millionaires in 3-5 years.
I want to help YOU earn – but without going through some horrible losses like I have.
Yes, this is very real and 100% passive.
All you need to do is get educated so you can make a smart decision.
Start this free training and you can replace your skepticism with optimism for your future.
Questions? Problems?
Call, text, or email me. I will help you get there.
To your success.
Yuri Grin
skype = grinyuri

The perfect offer to making money by giving away free products.

“FREE! How To Get A Consistent Stream Of Cash-In-Hand Buyers For ANY Offer …Even If Nobody’s Ever Heard Of You” (by Dean Holland)

If you’d like to make 4 or even 5 figures income as an affiliate, promoting other people’s products for commissions…

…And you’d like to discover how to do so WITHOUT having to sell anything, this will be the most important letter you have ever read (see my offer at the end of the post)

But first…

I Need To Come Clean About Something…

Before we go any further, I need you to know something…

I didn’t invent this method

Sorry, I’m just not that smart…

I first saw it happen at a market in London by 2 guys who were selling, of all things – CHEESE…

I’ve since discovered it’s used by companies like Coca Cola and Nutella who’ve made BILLIONS, in part to this method

Now, don’t worry, I know you’re probably not selling cheese, cola or chocolate spread, and that’s fine…

18 months ago, I discovered a way to use it on the internet to get a consistent stream of buyers for just about ANY offer online, even if nobody’s heard of you

However, please know, this is NOT one of those ‘get rich quick for doing nothing’ websites that promises untold wealth for lazy folks

Here’s the deal…

This method is working incredibly well for me. Financially, it’s made me a millionaire – I’m not bragging, it’s fact. (Dean Holland)

It’s also working well for my army of affiliates, my group of high level mentoring clients and a network of other online millionaires who have discovered it

I believe it can help you too, but I’m not suggesting that it’s going to make you a millionaire like me.

I don’t know how much you’ll make, I don’t even know if you’ll do anything with it once I get it to you (although I sure hope you will?)

So, with that said… let me jump in and show you

Exactly What You’re Getting…

This is a strategy that can be deployed by anyone, even if you’ve yet to make your first sale online.

It’s powered by the fact that there’s only 3 ways to grow your business, the first of which is to “get more customers”

That is exactly what you’ll do with this… Get a consistent flow of customers every single day onto your email list, so you can sell them anything else you’d like

(it goes without saying that you shouldn’t exploit this strategy for evil… you need to sell them stuff that they want and need, of course)

The training itself is just 68 minutes, so it’s quick to consume. You’ll immediately discover how we make millions by giving away products for free so you can copy the strategy for yourself.

And even though this strategy crushes it for affiliate marketers…

It Also Works Amazingly Well For Digital Product Owners, Network Marketers, And eCommerce Store Owners

See, you can use this EXACT strategy to get buyers for just about ANY business

For example, I’ve recently generated $709,900.20 in sales of my own digital products by using this method

A client of mine just used this to start a brand-new eCommerce store, in a hyper competitive niche and got 4,863 customers by giving away something for free, which results in her making $51,043 so far

One of my mentors who also uses this method, just used it for a special campaign that resulted in over 50,000 copies of his book being ordered and well over $1,000,000 being generated in a 30 day period

AND, a client of mine just shared with me that this method allowed him to make over $31,000 in affiliate commissions by using the same method you’ll discover when you get this from me.

So, like I said, this is more than just for affiliate marketers.

PS: I’ve already ordered this information from Dean, to apply it to business I develop with AIOP team (All in one profits). Click HERE or image below to see one of the invitation pages
and follow the instructions that you’ll get in email.

Feel free to contact me (support@yurigrin.com) and ask questions on how I am going to apply the information (written on USB stick – 68 min training) from Dean Holland.

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