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Best Autosurf – HitLeap is The King of Traffic Exchange

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HitLeap – The King of the Autosurf with +1,800,000 active members! for WEBMASTERS, WEBSITE OWNERS, BLOGGERS and PROFESSIONALS.

Are you sick and tired to click on Traffic Exchange websites?

HitLeap is the best Autosurf, very Popular on World. Special Services: +600,000 Unique Hits/24h!! High quality and security! WORLD NUMBER ONE!

HitLeap is the Best Autosurf of all traffic exchanges I’ve ever seen! Is the King of the Autosurf in the World  – 2015

Get FREE +20,000 Unique Visits every day to your Website, Blog or Affiliate Program!! 1.500.000+ active members, and Growing!

* for Webmasters, Website Owners, Bloggers and Professionals: up to 600.000+ Unique Hits/24h and 50+ Websites.

P.S. All the Tips & Methods shared here are ONLY tested with PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.

Up to +600.000 Unique Hits every day!

* ATTENTION! Be careful not to exceed the bandwidth capacity of the server where your website is hosted. HitLeap is very fast and powerful.

* HitLeap – Best for Ranking Alexa. Many thousands Unique Hits for your website or blog every day. High quality and security! WORLD NUMBER ONE! The

King of the Autosurf * +1,500,000 active members! Up to +600.000 Unique Hits every day. Very Popular on World.
Special for Webmasters and Professionals.

How Does HitLeap Work? 

It  can be explained in three simple steps:                          (review by Maxx)

#1 A member submits his/her website URL.

#2 He/she watches other websites.

#3 Other members watch his/her website.

To do so, you will have to download and install the HitLeap viewer. This is software that runs on a computer, browsing through links in the background and consequently earns you minutes.  These minutes are then used to exchange for a certain number of hits to your website.If you’re not comfortable having an alien software installed on your PC, then you can just buy traffic packages from HitLeap.

The Good & the Bad

Pro #1:  It can deliver traffic to your website and saves you time, because it autosurfer.

Pro #2:  The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Pro #3:  It offers free and premium membership, so you can choose one that suits your needs and budget.

However, there are a lot of questions on HitLeap such as:

Con #1:  The quality of the traffic is questionable. Running the HitLeap viewer may save you time as you can just let it run in the background and view other members’ websites. But it also speaks a lot of the type of visitor that your website will likely get.

Most likely, the visitors that your website will have are passive visitors with no intent whatsoever of reading what you have on your blog or site. Moreover, your visitors have no intention at all of buying the products that you are promoting on your website, and from which you get your income.

Thus it can be said that the traffic that is coming to your website registered with HitLeap is a computer or bot-generated. This is not the type of traffic that you would want your website to get especially if you want your customers to be buying the products that your website is promoting.

Con #2:  The need to download and install the HitLeap viewer. You don’t need to be a computer expert to understand the risks of installing alien software into your PC. If you are to take this route, be sure that you have good anti-virus software running in the background.

Con #3: HitLeap viewer go through many websites that are spam, hyip, adult etc.


There’s no question that HitLeap works if you’re looking to increase traffic to your website.  It may improve traffic to your website, increase the number of clicks, and potentially improve your earnings albeit in the short term only.

The main issue has always been the quality of the traffic. As mentioned earlier, it is very likely that the traffic you could get from HitLeap mainly comes from bots.

Your website could earn from the number of clicks, but the income is a lot lower compared to the commission that you could earn if people buy the products advertised on your website.

So have you thought of buying Hitleap as increasing your traffic or you have experienced using it? Please share this with me.

I recommend to use tracking to see how HitLeap works for you. It is FREE. Use TheRealTracker.



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