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Ask right questions and you shall receive.

“Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.” – Tim Ferriss

What this video is about?

Are you asking for what you want to receive? More importantly, are you asking intelligently?

New International Version
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (originally from Bible: Matthew 7:7)

Ask, Seek, Knock
Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.…Berean Study Bible

To get more understanding, let read this…

Question: “What did Jesus mean when He said, ‘Ask and you shall receive’?”

Answer: Jesus said, “Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete” in John 16:24. Similar statements are found in Matthew 7:7; 21:22; Mark 11:24; Luke 11:9; and John 15:7. Is this a blanket promise with no conditions? If we ask for three hundred pounds of chocolate delivered to our door, is God obligated to give it to us? Or are Jesus’ words to be understood in light of other revelation?

If we assume that “ask and you will receive” means “ask for anything you want and I’ll give it to you,” then we have turned the Lord into a cosmic genie who serves our every whim. This is the problem of prosperity gospel and word of faith teachings.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says that whoever asks receives, whoever seeks finds, and whoever knocks will find an open door (Matthew 7:7–8). But with this and all other verses we must examine the context. Jesus goes on to say that God will not fail to give His children good things (verse 11). So, this is one condition to the promise of “ask and receive”: what we ask for must be good in God’s estimation. God will give advantageous gifts to His children; He will not give us bad or injurious things, no matter how much we clamor for them. The best example of a good gift is the Holy Spirit, according to Luke 11:13. We begin to see a two-fold purpose of prayer—to increase our understanding of what God calls “good” and to cultivate a desire in us for what is good.

Our prayers to God are not unlike our requests of men. Our prayers are based in a relationship, as Jesus points out in Matthew 7:8.

If a child asks his father for something the father knows to be hurtful, the request is denied. The child may be frustrated and unhappy when he doesn’t get what he asked for, but he should trust his father. Conversely, when the child asks for something that the father knows is beneficial, the father will provide it eagerly because he loves his child.

Don’t miss your possible partner because of conversation

7 Easy Conversation Starters That ALWAYS Work

If you are in the network marketing ( and in everyday life), you need to know how to start conversation in easy way.

Today we learn about 7 easy conversation starters that always work. If you are an introvert or a ‘beta male’ and want the greatest conversation starters that will actually work and help you in your life, this video is for you!

If you want to learn more than you saw in the video, lets go deeper in this subject.

11 Foolproof Ways to Start a Conversation With Absolutely Anyone

By Minda Zetlin Co-author, The Geek Gap@MindaZetlin
You’re at a party or a conference or just walking along the street when you see someone you would like to talk with. It might be someone you’ve admired from afar, someone who might be a good customer or investor for your company, or someone you simply like the looks of. You struggle for the right thing to say that would get the two of you talking, but before you can come up with anything good, the person has moved on or gotten involved in a different conversation and the moment has passed.

If this has happened to you, it needn’t ever happen again. You can gracefully start a conversation with absolutely anyone, anytime. There’s only one secret: Say something the person will be happy to hear.

With that in mind, it should be very clear that a political comment (unless you really know the listener’s politics), anything that could be seen as offensive, and most complaining is off the table. So is any kind of gossip.

1. Make note of something pleasant.

“This dip is delicious!” “Nice turnout for this event!” “Did you hear the keynote? I thought it was great.” There’s something positive to say in nearly every situation, so find it and say it. Don’t say something negative because it’s much too risky. “I thought the keynote was boring,” could backfire if the listener turns out to be the keynote speaker’s cousin.

2. Comment on the weather.

The one exception to the no-negatives rule is weather. If you’re in the midst of a heat wave, cold snap, or torrential downpour, remarking on the unusual weather is often a good way to start a conversation — it’s a shared experience, one that both you and the listener are having. If it’s a particularly lovely day, that’s a good way to start too.

3. Ask for information.

“Excuse me, do you know what time the next session starts?” Even if you already know the answer, asking for information can be a great way to start someone talking with you, because everyone likes to feel helpful.

4. Ask for assistance.

“Could you reach that item on the top shelf for me?” “I dropped my ring and I think it rolled under your table. Would you take a quick look?” Requests for assistance are another way to make someone feel helpful. Just make sure whatever you ask for is something the listener can provide without much inconvenience.

5. Offer assistance.

You won’t often find yourself in a situation where you can help someone you’re dying to talk to, but if it happens, don’t miss your chance to be of use. “Can I help you carry that large box?” “Do you need a seat? There’s a free one over here.” “Would you like a program? I happen to have an extra.” The listener will be inclined to like you and trust you because you’ve helped out.

Be careful not to be intrusive or excessive. “I couldn’t help overhearing that your credit card was declined — would you like to use mine?” will do more harm than good.

6. Solicit an opinion.

“What did you think of that speech?” “Did you get a lot out of this workshop?” “I see you’re drinking the special cocktail. Would you recommend it?” Most people like knowing that others are interested in their opinions and will be happy to respond.

7. Mention a mutual acquaintance.

“Did you used to work with Roger? He and I have done several projects together.” Naming someone you both know will tell the listener you are part of his or her extended social circle. Many people will begin thinking of you as someone they know, or should know. Be careful, though, that their relationship with your shared acquaintance is on good terms — you don’t want to say you’re best friends with someone only to learn your friend and the listener are in the midst of a legal dispute.

8. Bring up a shared experience.

Does the listener come from the same town or region as you? Did you attend the same high school or college? Have you both worked for the same company or boss? Do you both love to scuba dive? Any common ground is a good way to start someone talking, especially if you use it as a reason to ask for information or advice. “Do you know what happened to John who used to work there?” “Do you prefer warm-water or cold-water diving?”

9. Praise the listener.

This works when you’re wondering what to say to a celebrity, a noted VC, or someone prominent in your industry or company. You’ll never insult someone by saying, “I really love your work,” or “I thought your last blog post was very insightful.”

Three caveats: Don’t fawn, don’t make the mistake of critiquing the listener, as in “I thought your most recent movie was much better than last year’s.” And only offer praise if you genuinely mean it.

10. Compliment the listener’s apparel or accessories.

“That’s a really unusual necktie. Where did you get it?” “That scarf is a great color on you.” Most people like it when others appreciate their taste, so they will likely want to engage with you.

Don’t comment on the listener’s own physical appearance — having a stranger or near-stranger tell you that you have beautiful eyes is more creepy than anything else. The exception is hair. If the listener has recently changed hairstyle or had a haircut, it’s fine to compliment that. (But if someone started coloring hair to remove the gray, best to keep that comment to yourself.)

11. Simply introduce yourself.

This won’t work in every setting but in many cases, if you truly can’t come up with an appealing conversational gambit, you can try the direct approach. Walk up to the person, stick out your hand and say, “Hi, I’m so-and-so. I just wanted to introduce myself.” The fact that you went out of your way to meet will make the listener feel important. It will probably make the person want to talk to you, as well.

***    Advertising   ****

Do you know “know-like-trust” factor in sales? It’s been taken from real relationship of the people. Want to use in your home based business? Press the image below.

Know-Like-Trust Factor in Sales and Marketing

The Game Has Changed. Have You?

Have you noticed that it gets harder and harder to get a signup or sale in online marketing? I am certain that you have, because it has been going on for quite a while.

T h e  r e a l i t y   is that to get results today, you have to have a more complicated process to convince a prospect to buy. 80% of the sales in any promotion happen between the 8th and 20th time that you make contact with the prospect. Almost no one just buys from the sales page anymore.

That is a big challenge for a beginning online marketer because it takes training and experience to craft an email series that actually motivates people to buy.

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You Should not Babysit your Downline.

First of all, watch and listen to this video (6:10 min), (recorded by Matthew Graves)

3 Reasons Why You Should not Babysit your Downline

When it comes to MLM Network Marketing building your group is one of the most vital components to your business. Your downline is basically the people that are actively working the business, usually as distributors. In the beginning it is very important to be there for your people, as they will have questions and problems that you can help them solve. However, after a certain point you have to cut the apron strings and allow the people in your downline to work on their own.  Here are three reasons that you should not babysit your downline if you want your MLM business to grow effectively: (posted by Nate Leung)

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Babysit Your Downline1. Babysitting your downline wastes your time

In the beginning it is crucial that you are there to mentor and train all of your distributors. However, you can quickly fall into the trap of answering every question they have and doing things for them that they could do for themselves. You are obviously responsible for properly training your team, but once they have a good understanding of the company or products then it is time to let them grow on their own. If you are spending all of your time assisting your downline then you won’t have time for the more important aspects of your business. If you have a distributor that is taking an inordinate amount of your time, then you need to have a discussion with them or even consider letting them go. Remember, time is money, particularly when you work from home.

2. They will not grow into leaders

At some point you have to let the birds out of the nest if they are going to fly. Ultimately you would like your distributors to grow into leaders that are recruiting other people and growing your business. If you are constantly holding their hand along the way or doing things that they could do for themselves, then you are simply stunting their growth and the growth of your business. Once you have given them the tools and training to succeed then it is time for your distributors to become leaders.

Why People Quit in MLM3. Your business will not grow if you babysit your downline


One of the most important parts of an MLM business is growing it through recruitment. If you are spending too much time dealing with every question your distributors have then you will not be out there recruiting new members. You might find that your business is suddenly stuck in the mud and that your growth is not what it should be. A big reason that MLMs grow stagnate is that the leader is not spending their time effectively. If you want your business to grow then you need to use your time efficiently.

These are just three reasons that you should not waste too much time babysitting your downline. If you find that you are spending too much time dealing with prospects (distributors) then it is probably time to reassess your training methods or even consider getting new distributors. The only way to effectively grow your MLM business is by having a downline that is capable and willing to take leadership roles.

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Do you have tools to blast emails to millions prospects legally, no spam?

Dangerous word Free

You cannot have everything for free.

I would say you can have nothing for free (when it comes to business or something commercial). I think it’s clear that this word is being used according psychological laws. (other part of article was posted by internet entrepreneur Jeff Herring)

Here is why!

Programs advertise this word – F R E E – all the time to get you to join.  However, if no money ever changes hands, how can anyone earn an income?  Online business is overall cheaper than offline, because you do not deal with some of the typical expenses, such as land, buildings, equipment.  You work out of your existing residence using an online connection you already subscribe to, and you use a computer, tablet or phone you already own.

Online businesses still have costs, such as scripts, merchant accounts and hosting.  Therefore, the business must recoup these costs plus some profit as they put a price on the product, service or training they are providing.

Some people forget these costs and are just free loaders, trying to get something for nothing.  Another possibility is because they have lost some money trying to figure out online marketing, and their reluctance for risk is driving this behavior.

Let me present you with some real life examples:  You would never go to a gas station and expect free gas, a restaurant and expect a free meal, or a grocery store and expect free milk and eggs.  Yet somehow a lot of people associate online business as free.

For anyone to make an income, money must pass from one person to another.  Otherwise, what incentive would anyone have to start an online  b u s i n e s s.  This is a simple concept you need to realize if you plan to be serious about an online income.

As you start to build you affiliate business, you can go free on some aspects of your business, mainly traffic generation.  Using traffic exchanges, safe lists, and social media to send traffic to your offers.  However, realize this is a cost in time, not money, but it is a cost to you.

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Aweber Delivered Email Marketing Tips

7 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Track (and What They Mean)

You just finished writing the perfect email to your subscribers. Way to go! Now, how do you know all that time you spent crafting it was worth it?

The answer lies in your email analytics (posted by Brandon Olsen, Aweber specialist).

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Analytics are an essential (and often overlooked) part of your email marketing strategy. When you know things like how many subscribers are opening your emails and what links they’re clicking, you get a look into how your subscribers feel about the content you send them. And as you discover the story told by your analytics, you can identify opportunities to make improvements and bring more value to your readers.

So what should you be looking for to measure the impact of your emails? Here are seven email marketing metrics you need to track (and what they mean):

Open rate

Your email open rate measures the effectiveness of your subject lines, as well as the best times to email your subscribers. With this insight, you can identify how you can get more people to view your emails.

Open rates are calculated by taking the unique opens (i.e., the total number of unique subscribers who open your email) and dividing it by the total number of recipients. For example, if I send an email to 100 subscribers and 30 of them open it, I would have a 30 percent open rate.

Here’s a piece of advice as you track your open rates: since you want to know how many subscribers are actively engaging with your emails, you’ll want to track unique opens instead of total opens.

Total opens represents the number of times an email is opened, which can be misleading because a subscriber may open your email multiple times.

Take the previous scenario for example. If the 30 subscribers who opened your email opened it twice, that would mean you have 60 opens and you’d have a 60 percent open rate. Not an accurate metric, right?

Unique opens, on the other hand, only counts the number of subscribers who opened your email – regardless of how many times they opened it.

While observing your unique opens provides a more accurate picture, tracking email opens isn’t fool-proof. Every open is detected when an invisible tracker image embedded within the email is displayed. However, if your subscribers have disabled images in their email client, it won’t track their opens, which impacts your open rates.

To help resolve this, ask your subscribers to add your “from” address to their address book. This not only guarantees that your emails will arrive in the inbox, but it also will ensure that opens are being tracked (remember that little invisible tracker image I mentioned).

Click-through rate

Your email click-through rate tells you whether or not your email content and call to action is relevant to your subscribers. The insight you gain from your click-through rate metrics can help you optimize the content of your emails; if you notice a lot of people clicking a link to one blog post instead of another, you can assume they’d prefer to receive more content on that topic in the future.

Similar to open rates, click-through rates can be calculated based on unique clicks or total clicks. To get a more accurate idea of how many subscribers are engaged with your emails, you’ll want to look at the total unique clicks (i.e., the number of subscribers who clicked on a link in your email) and divide it by the total number of recipients.

Again, don’t fall into the trap of calculating click-through rate based on total clicks (i.e., the number of times a link was clicked). This is misleading because a subscriber may click the same link multiple times, counting those as “clicks.” Instead, check your unique click-through rate to determine exactly how many subscribers are engaging with your email content.

You can also use your click-through rate to see what type of content your readers find compelling, and what they’re less interested in. With this information, you can focus more on content you know your subscribers will enjoy instead of sending random emails.

Web traffic

If a goal of your email marketing strategy is to increase traffic to your blog or website, you’ll want to track your web traffic results as well.

Web analytics will not only show you how many people are coming through to your website from your email, but also how long they’re staying on your site, where else they’re going on your site, where they’re leaving your website, and more.

To track web traffic to your site from your emails, I recommend using Google Analytics. Adding UTM tracking codes onto links in your emails allows you to capture and analyze email referral traffic within Google Analytics. (If you’re an AWeber customer, here’s how to integrate Google Analytics with AWeber.)

If traffic is low, for example, that might mean you need to make your email content more engaging. Or perhaps the content you’re sending them to isn’t compelling enough, and you should try sending them a web page or blog post related to a different topic.


Are you selling a product or service in your emails? To see how much revenue your emails are generating, you can track the sales that resulted from each email.

Sales from your email are tracked when someone opens you email, clicks through to your site, and makes a purchase.

To get this information, use Google Analytics to set up sales goals and tracking conversions. This is typically done using a destination goal within Google Analytics with your destination being a landing page where buyers land after making a purchase.

By using the appropriate UTM tracking codes on your email links, you’ll be able to track sales conversions from your emails. However, this approach won’t allow you to tie the revenue to specific subscribers, limiting your ability to segment and target those subscribers in the future.


Losing subscribers is difficult for any email marketer to cope with. You want to have as many people on your list as possible, but you also want to send to people who truly want to hear from you.

Rest assured that unsubscribes are a normal and common part of maintaining a healthy email list.

There are many reasons someone may unsubscribe from your emails. Maybe your email content isn’t satisfying their needs anymore. Or perhaps you’re sending too frequently.

Subscribers typically have a few different options when unsubscribing from your list. They can click the “unsubscribe” link in your email, or use an app like Unroll.me to get the job done. In Gmail, people also have the option to click the “unsubscribe” link next to your name and email address. Regardless of how they choose to remove themselves from your list, you should make it easy for them to do so.

To learn why people are leaving your list, ask them for their feedback. This will help you better understand the reasons why they left and what you can do to bring them back or prevent others from leaving.

If more people are unsubscribing than they are joining your list, it might be time to re-evaluate your email content strategy and your open and click-through rates. If they’re low, you might need to see how you can send more relevant and compelling content.

Bounce rate

Bounces are a good indication of the health of your email list, and they’re calculated by taking the total number of bounces and dividing it by the total number of recipients.

Bounce rates are broken out into two categories: hard bounces and soft bounces.

A hard bounce means a recipient’s email account is closed or invalid. Most email marketing providers will automatically unsubscribe someone who hard bounces.

A soft bounce means a recipient’s email account is temporarily unavailable. This typically happens when a server is unavailable or a recipient’s inbox is full. Most email marketing providers will continue to send to a soft bounce several times before automatically unsubscribing them from your email list.

Ideally, you want to aim for a bounce rate that is less than five percent. To do so, my advice is to maintain a clean, active and engaged email list.

Complaint rate

Complaints occur when a subscriber marks your email as spam. Your complaint rate is calculated by taking the total number of complaints and dividing it by the total number of recipients. Your goal should be to keep your complaint rate no higher than 0.1 percent.

A consistently high complaint rate can have serious consequences on your deliverability and potentially get you into trouble with your email marketing provider. Again, sticking to email marketing best practices will help you “>maintain a low complaint rate.

How are your emails doing?

Focusing on your analytics is essential to improving your email marketing game. With them, it makes it easier to gauge whether your emails are delighting subscribers.

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YouTube marketing from zero experience to first results

Image result for chicken crossing road images

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