Computer 15 Amazing Shortcuts You Are not Using

If you want to be a power user, you shouldn’t deny the usefulness of hotkeys. They improve your everyday work and give an absolute boost in your productivity. These hotkey combinations will certainly come in handy for every Windows and OS X user!


– Press the Windows key + Ctrl + D or Control + Up if you use a Mac. It’ll switch to a new fresh desktop.

– Push the Windows key + Ctrl or the Control key on a Mac. Now you can switch between all the virtual desktops you’ve made by using the left and right arrow keys.

– If you have too many apps open and you need to use another one hidden behind all those windows on your desktop, you can minimize all of them at once by pushing the Windows key + M.

– If you want much faster access to your most used apps, consider keeping them on your taskbar. It’ll speed up your workflow even more if you use the following combination: the Windows key + a number key from 1 to 9.

– Open one app that you need for your work and press the Windows key + left arrow. Then, open another app and click the Windows key + right arrow. Now, two windows are sharing your screen!

– Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Tab will show you all the apps currently running on your PC.

– To avoid restarting your device and losing all your progress, try using the following combo: Ctrl + Shift + Esc or Command + Option + Escape if you’re working on a Mac.

– Pressing the Windows key + E opens the file manager window on your PC. For Mac users, this is your Finder app.

– The Windows key combined with the + or – key will open the magnifier app, which allows you to zoom in and out wherever you point your cursor.

– Use the Windows key + Print Screen to take a screenshot and immediately save it in the Image folder on your hard drive.

– To open Bluetooth, simultaneously press the Windows key + A. For Mac users, your Notification Center is always a click away in the top right-hand corner.

– If you need more tweaking or access to more advanced parameters of your PC, you can have it all! Use the Windows key + I to do just that.

– To open Cortana on Windows in listening mode, press the Windows key + C. And to summon Siri on Mac OS, hold Command and Space together. “Hey, Siri!”

– If you suddenly need to step away from the computer but you don’t want anyone meddling in your stuff, you can quickly lock your user profile. Simply push the Windows key + L or Shift + Command + Q on a Mac.

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What does it mean for your career if you are an introvert or an extrovert?

In today’s video, we explain introverts vs extroverts, and the relationships between these two classifications of people. Thanks to the rest of the TopThink team who worked on this video, including Tristan Reed (writing) and Nilesh Upadhyay (animation).

Extroverts are outgoing and introverts are shy, right? Not exactly. Truly understanding each personality type–and which one you are–can help you manage a vast range of experiences.

Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert? What It Means For Your Career

Here is something that hit me recently: For a long time, I had a certain idea about what makes an introvert or an extrovert. I had always thought that it works something like this:

  • Extroversion relates to how outgoing someone is.
  • Introversion is the same as being shy.

That was kind of my general perception. Doing just a little bit of reading made it clear very quickly that my thinking was way off! (by Bell Beth Cooper )

Recently I dug into some of the full-on research about introverts versus extroverts, and I think I’m much closer to understanding what the terms introvert and extrovert actually mean. When we briefly discussed this topic a lot of people got very excited. So I hope what I’ve learned might be helpful to you, as well.

Where It All Started–And Why I Had It All Wrong

If we go a bit farther back, we find that the terms introvert and extrovert (originally spelled extravert) were popularized by Carl Jung in the early 20th century. Unfortunately, their meanings got confused between then and now, and we started thinking that everyone belongs to one camp or the other. But actually, Carl’s point was that these are the very extremes of a scale. Which means that most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum. –Carl G. Jung

So really, if we looked at how most of us operated, we would never be on either spectrum of the scale. It’d be much more likely that we are somewhere in the middle like this:

There are a few theories about the differences between introverts and extroverts, and some recent research has even shown that our genetic makeup has a lot to do with which tendencies are strongest in each of us. And unlike my theory about how outgoing or shy we are, introversion and extroversion actually relate to where we get our energy from.

So in this article you’ll find more information and may better understand where you are closer. I’d like to provide here 2 tables from this article that clear things even better.

12 Quick Tips To Better Care For An Introvert

To make it a bit easier to see which things would be most helpful to focus on when dealing with someone closer to introversion, I came across this fantastic graphic to illustrate better.

What Makes Someone Closer To An Extrovert?

On the opposite side of the coin, people who are extroverted are energized by people (introverts are energized by being alone, from their thoughts). They usually enjoy spending time with others, as this is how they recharge from time spent alone focusing or working hard.

I like how this extrovert explains the way he/she gains energy from being around other people:

When I am among people, I make eye contact, smile, maybe chat if there’s an opportunity (like being stuck in a long grocery store line). As an extrovert, that’s a small ‘ping’ of energy, a little positive moment in the day.

10 Quick Tips To Better Care For An Extrovert

To give us some pointers on how to best care for someone who is an extrovert, this graphic has some great ideas, I found.

Don’t forget that most of us are Ambiverts on this scale between Extroverts and Introverts. Since introverts and extroverts are the extremes of the scale, the rest of us fall somewhere in the middle. Many of us lean one way or the other, but there are some who are quite balanced between the two tendencies. These people are called ambiverts.

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Home Profit Game Plan Part 2

Lead Capture Page (LCP)

Let’s start with the landing page (aka squeeze page or lead capture page) since it is the first part of your sales funnel.  This assumes you have traffic or will be sending traffic that is interested in the subject matter you will cover.  You want to try to answer these 3 questions from the potential subscribers perspective:  What do you have?  Why do I need it?  How do I get it? (by post of Jeff Herring

Don’t assume you have to formally answer these questions, some of them may be implied in how you set up the page.  Look at my sample above.  I did not take a lot of words to convince someone they were losing out by making the mistakes on a regular basis.

A lead capture page is not a sales letter.  You have probably seen these sales letters that require you to scroll forever until you reach the end.  We do not need to create material to try and convince someone they need what we are offering.  They should be able to look at our page for a few seconds and answer yes or no.  The best subscribers are satisfied subscribers, so why would you try any arm twisting tactics?

Consider using video.  The video should be you adding substance and credibility to what is on the lead capture page.  This also allows the potential subscriber to know they will be connecting with a person instead of some random beach somewhere. (You have seen those lead capture pages with a beach background?)

Beware of the 72 hour headache relief pill.  If you have a headache, would you seek medication that took 3 days to start working?  No, you want relief as soon as possible!  Consider this lesson when offering your lead magnet.  Your subscriber should be able to implement and use it immediately.

Developing lead magnets:  You can always create your own. You can go online and learn how to create an ebook in .pdf format (you can use – Canva).  You know how to record a video.  You could also consider outsourcing.  Another option is private label rights, which gives you the right to use someone’s  creation as your own.  Some companies even provide ebooks, reports, videos and lead capture pages as a service.  All of these products have a license to let you know what you can and cannot do, and you must adhere to those terms.  You also want to make sure the material will complement the email messages you will be sending.

Consider split testing to increase opt in rates:  You have 2 lead capture pages, only changing one variable, such as the headline, or with your video and without your video.  If one page outperforms the other, use it and start the process again to try and to get an even higher rate.

You may decide to keep a default thank you page.  However, you can use it as an opportunity to increase your credibility with your subscribers.  Offer a report or video, separate from the lead magnet that will be helpful to your subscriber.  Some of my pages have a motivational ebook.  You could also introduce yourself on video or send someone to a bio page.  Just make sure you do not hinder their implementation of the lead magnet.  You could use the opportunity to sell a low cost product or offer a discount.  However, consider how this may affect your overall credibility because the new subscriber does not know you and has no reason whatsoever to trust you at all.


14 Powerful Psychology Tricks That Actually Work

Today we explore some psychology tricks that actually work. These techniques for persuasion can be used any time! Also, these psychology tricks work on anyone and everyone! Use them wisely.

  1. Simple Favors – keep the favors small and basic.
  2. Sipping Water
  3. Using Disappointment
  4. Acting Confident
  5. Playing Dumb
  6. Staying Quiet
  7. Avoiding Interruptions
  8. Standing in the Morning
  9. Remembering Eye Color
  10. Rephrasing
  11. Nodding Your Head
  12. Warm Hands
  13. Leaning Forward
  14. Leading GoodBye

Thanks to the rest of the TopThink team who worked on this video, including Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (Voice), and Plamen (Animation).

Tristan Reed is Developmental Specialist:

-Write and develop content for a growing company concentrated on psychology, business, and success
-Research academic studies and journals to provide viewers with accurate and innovative content

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Home Profit Game Plan Part 1

Get Started

Let’s start with the basics.  Does this picture represent how you feel about the whole process of generating leads and building a list? (by Jeff Herring)

We will start with an autoresponder.  This is a tool that allows us to send automated follow up messages to a subscriber.  It allows for automation, instead of you having to write down when someone joins, and manually email the messages in the order you want your subscriber to receive them.

You can begin to set up your autoresponder by having a campaign name or list name.  This allows you to create multiple campaigns to build different lists.  If I am doing a lead generation list I would not be sending subscribers information on fitness, they would be on a separate list receiving different content.  We also create a form code that we copy and paste into our lead capture pages, which allows them to be connected and function properly.  We will also set up a thank you page that the subscriber will receive to acknowledge that he or she has subscribed to our list.  You can use a generic page or customize it.

The order and the way these parts of the autoresponder are ‘named’ can vary from provider to provider.  However, this is the general process.

Next we need to learn more about squeeze pages, or lead capture pages.  The term squeeze page comes from the idea that you are trying to squeeze information out of someone.  At a minimum we need an email address so our autoresponder can send our messages. We can also set up our page to ask for the name and phone number.  Most of these pages will ask for the name, because you can set up most autoresponders to mention someones name when they receive your emails.

One of the most important components for our page is the lead magnet.  The lead magnet is a gift, also known as an ethical bribe, to encourage someone to agree to enter their email address and start receiving your emails.  This usually takes the form of a report, a video, a pdf document, or check lists.

Now let’s assume we have our autoresponder and lead capture page set up, what is next?   We are now ready to accept subscribers, but they will just join our list and will NOT be receiving any content.  We need to go to our autoresponder and set up some emails to be sent when someone subscribes.  You choose a list (how about the one for lead generation) and then specify what day your subscriber will receive the message.  This is numerical, based on how many days have transpired since they subscribed.  For example, day zero would be the actual day someone subscribed.  This email should deliver the lead magnet (if not from the thank you page) and set the tone for the messages you will be sending.  You can now set up the messages you will send on day 1,2,3 and so on.

Choosing your providers:  You can choose an autoreponder and lead capture page provider, or you can choose a tool suite where they are both integrated.

Choosing different providers gives you more flexibility.  Some providers may have unique features, mostly of interest to experienced marketers.  If you choose different providers, you need to make sure the autoresponder can generate form code that will connect with the landing page provider.  This information is usually very visible on the providers home page.  This is where the tool suite has its advantage, because integration is assured.

You will need to use this provider for several years, so do your research.  The main reason is because you will not be able to automatically move your subscribers from one provider to another.  The providers are having to enforce legislation such as the CAN-SPAM act of 2003.They have resources to know if someone actually subscribed to your list, while another provider you wanted to move to would not be able to access this information.

Single or double opt in?  Single opt in allows someone to put in their email address and they are added to your list immediately.  Double opt in will send an email to the (potential) subscriber asking him or her to verify they want to subscribe.  A verification link must be activated before someone is added to your list.  Single opt in makes the subscribing process quicker, while double opt in may decrease SPAM complaints in some circumstances.

The way the process works and the steps needed for setup vary depending on the provider.  I want to assure you that any reputable provider WILL have a good tutorial to help you set up your system.  There is a learning curve as with anything!

I recommend that you select your provider(s) and start setting up lead capture pages and an email series as soon as possible.  Set up a few ‘extra’ email addresses and use these to subscribe to your own campaigns.  This will allow you to see the process from the perspective of the subscriber, and assure everything is connected properly.

Note: This is not just one of the autoresponders. It’s the system that will create your residual income.

Step 1: Set up your autoresponder (30 days free trial)

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Review Brian Tracy and his book Eat the frog.

This eat that frog story comes from Mark Twain. Mark Twain once said that, “If the
first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning is to eat a live frog, you’ll
have the satisfaction of knowing that’s probably the worst thing that’s going
to happen to you all day long.”

We all have only 24 hours per day. We cannot change that. Some people use that 24 hours per day in  more efficient way and eventually get the job done. Other people finish their day and get only minimum possible things done.

We don’t want to eat that frog. So we procrastinate. Advice from Mark Twain has 2 points.

  1. If you have to do something very hard or unpleasant (ugly frog) start you day with this (don’t spoil the rest of the day).
  2. If you have to do 2 hard tasks today do the most difficult first ( the ugliest frog).

You cannot manage time, you can manage the things (events) that you can do during the day (or the order of events). It’s really the management of the sequence of events in your life.

Personal management is the ability to choose what you do first, what you do second, and what you do later if at all. Way you use your time and order of choices you make really changes  output of whole day.

You can read a lot more in the book of Brian Tracy “Eat that Frog”.

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Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money On Clickbank

You can find a lot of videos online about Clickbank. (see my suggestion about getting traffic at the end of the post)

Note: My comment – there is no business without spending your money.

First I was interested how to find the best products on ClickBank to sell in affiliate marketing.

Here is one of the videos on this topic.

ClickBank Tutorial showing you how to make money on online for free!

You won’t need to spend any money on the Clickbank university or anything else.

This is a great tutorial for beginners and it will show you that you don’t need to have a lot of cash in your pocket to get started in affiliate marketing.

So what is Clickbank and how can it help you?

It’s a marketplace where you can find products to sell and you get a commission. You don’t need to have your own products and all you need to do is send traffic to it.

The traffic I’m going to show you is FREE and fast! In this video, I’m going to show you my simple 3 step process I used to make money online using things like forums, blogs, and Facebook.

The first thing you want to do is sign up and go into the marketplace to find a product. Once you have found a product make sure it has a good gravity and an affiliate page so you can use the resources. You actually learn all of this in the university that Clickbank provides and they have good reviews.

Right now you don’t need this because I’m showing you how to do this for free in this tutorial. Once you have found a good product in the marketplace you are now ready to learn how to make money online. Internet marketing programs are great for beginners because they do well in the marketplace.

The gravity is very high on the programs. If you want to find high converting products go for the ones that John Crestani, Tai Lopez, Mike Ling and John Chow sell. Now that you have a program to promote you want t make a free website. This is going to act as a bridge page so you can sell the products using my 3 step selling process.

You want to hook the buyer with a problem, offer them a solution then close the sale. You need a website for this or it won’t work and you will find it hard to make money online fast. If you want to learn how to make a paid website then watch this video.

I do recommend you do this it looks more professional.

Once you have set up the website like I show you in this video it’s time to move onto traffic. By watching the video you will see the 3 free traffic course I use to send traffic. So how does this work? Once you have sent the traffic to the affiliate website you just make them will click on your links and you will get a commission from the products that listed on Clickbank. You just learn how to promote products. The best place to get traffic is Forums, Blogs and Facebook. Doing something like this can make you $100 or more see video…

Note: My comment on this is that any product on ClickBank to be promoted needs traffic (and it can cost you more then you will earn on commissions). That is the point.

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My Lead Generation System vs. free safelists and traffic exchange.

A funnel is a way to introduce people to your product or service.

It’s called a funnel because the goal is to attract the most-people possible at the TOP…

So you can have the best chance possible at making sales throughout the funnel.

In the marketing world, these people are called leads.

The more leads you get in your  f u n n e l, the more sales you make.

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