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20 quotes from billionaires to motivate you

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Slide 6 of 20: HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 28: Businessman Larry Ellison arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Terminator Genisys' at Dolby Theatre on June 28, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Anti-Aging Food Viorgon-01 repair connective tissue.

Viorgon-01. Connective tissue (bioflurivitis)

Viorgons – sterile aqueous solutions of regulatory protein-peptide compounds isolated from the extracellular matrix of animals (bioflurevites), plants (phytoflurevites) and fungi (mycoflurevites), in low concentrations.

Promote the regeneration and rejuvenation of all organs and tissues of the body. These are highly effective food substances of the new generation, created on the basis of the newest Russian biotechnologies (see catalog of others items). Learn more why this technology is so unique.
Due to its unique properties, Viorgons are regulators of biochemical and biophysical processes occurring in all tissues of the body. They contribute to the restoration of the natural mechanism of self-regulation, the violation of which is the cause of any pathology.
Viorgons in ultra-low doses:
• safe;
• distinguished by high bioavailability;
• compatible with all biopharmaceuticals, drugs, etc.
• no side effects.

Viorgon-01 (Connective tissue bioflurivit)

Source of excretion: medical serum

In the human body there are many kinds of different tissues. One of the most important is the connective tissue – it is a connecting link connecting all the tissues of our body. The normal functioning of organs and systems of the human body largely depends on its condition. Connective tissues are the tissues of the internal environment and are divided into the actual connective tissue and skeletal tissue (cartilage and bone). The connective tissue itself is divided into:

1) fibrous, including loose and dense, which includes decorated and unformed
2) tissues with special properties (fat, mucous, reticular and pigmented).

“The connective tissue in man plays the role of the soul, because it unites (integrates) into a single whole the whole organism, all its cells, particles, organs of the system”.  (MD. Doctor of Medical Sciences A.A . Alekseev, 1993) . The proportion of connective tissue is from 60 to 90% by weight of the organs. It consists of cells (fibroblasts, fibroblasts) and extracellular substances (matrix). In loose connective tissue there are many cells and the main intercellular substance; in dense, there are few cells and the main intercellular substance and many fibers. Depending on the ratio of cells and intercellular substance, these tissues perform various functions.

In particular, loose connective tissue to a greater extent performs a trophic function and to a lesser extent – mechanical support, dense connective tissue to a greater extent performs a supporting mechanical function.

The extracellular substance (matrix) is a highly hydrated gel formed by high-molecular compounds. They make up about 30% of the weight of the intercellular substance, and 70% are water.

The extracellular matrix contains many different compounds (inorganic and organic) and performs various functions. It provides communication between cells, forms mechanically strong structures, such as bones, cartilage, tendons and joints, forms the basis of filtering membranes, for example, in the kidneys, isolates cells and tissues from each other, forms cell migration paths along which they can move , for example, during embryonic development.

A cell can react to irritation only when information comes to it from the intercellular space. The dynamic structure of this space and the principles of its regulation (the main regulation system) determines the effectiveness of extracellular and intracellular processes. Disruption of the functions of the extracellular matrix can lead to various pathologies of organs and body systems.

Viorgon 01, based on the glycoprotein isolated from medical serum, helps to restore the regulatory functions of the connective tissue, thereby self-activating the biochemical and biophysical processes occurring in it.

Action and effect of Viorgon 01:

*    Contributes to the restoration of the regenerative functions of bone tissue in fractures of the extremities, including fractures of the femoral neck.

  •  It is an effective adjuvant in the treatment of a number of severe pathologies of the joints associated with the violation of the structure and function of cartilage tissue.
  •  It is recommended for arthritis, arthritis, synovitis (as evidenced by the data of biomedical and clinical trials of Viorgon 01, conducted in the department of sports and ballet injury of the CITO them. N.N. Priorova). It can be applied as water applications.
  • It is recommended as an adjunct to repair damaged skin, including in the treatment of burn disease, bedsores and to prevent their formation.
  • It contributes to the acceleration of the reparative functions of the skin after radiation damage occurring, for example, after radiotherapy.
  • It also seems promising to use as an aid in gastroenterology (peptic ulcer, gastritis, gastroduodenitis), in proctology (diseases of the large intestine), in gynecology (cervical erosion).
  • When taken during the rehabilitation period, it contributes to the formation of an elastic scar in the myocardium after a heart attack (together with Viorgon 10)
  • Restores impaired body functions after strokes and in neurodegenerative diseases (together with Viorgon 02).
  • Promotes increase of a potentiality (together with Viorgon 18).
  • Helps restore self-regulation of the immune system.
  • It has a geroprotective effect.
  • The surprising diversity of the action of Viorgon 01 is obviously connected with the fact that it is a regulator of the connective tissue homeostasis, which, in turn, determines the functioning of other tissues, for example, epithelia that are in contact with it.

Directions to use:

Dilute to 5 drops in 50 ml of water (mix well) or drip under the tongue (hold it in the mouth without swallowing immediately) 2-3 times a day. It is recommended to use at least 2-3 months, as separate courses 2-3 times a year as a prevention measurement (prophylactic).

To restore the elasticity of the skin, you can add 3-5 drops of VIORGON No. 1 to a cream or tonic, and to strengthen and grow hair in a shampoo or hair mask. For applications, dilute 8-10 drops per 100 ml of water.

ATTENTION!!! It is recommended to take all the same types of flurevites (BIOFLUREVITES, FITOFLUUREVITES, MYOFLUUREVITES) separately, without mixing, at intervals of 3-5 minutes!




All VIORGONS can be used to treat pets.

Storage conditions: store at room temperature or in the refrigerator, avoid sunlight. Do not store in the sun!
It is recommended to tightly close the lid, in order to avoid getting bacteria into the solution.
In open form, it retains its properties during the shelf life (2 years).

Developer: LLC Institute for Problems of Bioregulation, Moscow.
All products are certified.

Russian translation of Viorgon-01 see here >>>

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Prevention of flu viruses and infections using Fluremix-20




Flurevites composition (Fluremix) is an aqueous solution of a mixture of various Membranotropic Homeostatic Tissue-specific Protein-Peptide molecular complexes of natural origin (Flurevitis) isolated (extracted) from different tissues of plants and fungi, which are a new generation food product, and aimed at preventing various illnesses (diseases or pathology). (What is the difference from traditional remedies? – Read here more >>>)

What is this? 

New generation of nano-technologies and anti-aging food, medicine of the future. (ACLON company – ACtive LONgevity community).

These compositions are absorbed by our body much more easier than any other kind of Food Supplements (like pills, tablets, juices etc.) (see catalog).

Flurevitis composition for the prevention of influenza or flu viruses (Fluremix 20).

Action and effects of Flumirex 20:

It helps to improve the functional state of the immune system.

Effective in the programs of recovery and rejuvenation of the organs of the immune system; Strengthen immunity and enhance adaptive abilities;

With viral infections.

It can be used in programs with Viorgons (1, 21, 3, 16, etc.)

Source selection and ingredients of Flurevites: from aloe, red bilberry (like cranberries), onions, garlic, linden (lime-tree), golden whiskers, structured demineralized water.

Russian description:

Флуремикс 20

Флуревитовая композиция для профилактики гриппа 

Флуревитовая композиция (Флуремикс) – это водные растворы смеси различных Мембранотропных Гомеостатических Тканеспецифических Белково-пептидных молекулярных комплексов природного происхождения (Флуревитов), выделенных из разных тканей растений и грибов, являющихся пищевым продуктом нового поколения, и направленных на профилактику различных патологий.

Флуревитовая композиция для профилактики гриппа (Флуремикс 20).

Действие Флуремикса 20:

Способствует улучшению функционального состояния иммунной системы.

Эффективен в программах восстановления и омоложения органов иммунной системы; Укрепления иммунитета и повышения адаптивных способностей;

При вирусных заражениях.

Может применяться в программах совместно с Виоргонами (1, 21, 3, 16 и др.).

Источник выделения Флуревитов: из алоэ, брусники, лука, чеснока, липы, золотого уса, структурированная деминерализованная вода.


Top 10 Expert Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2018 and Beyond

Bitcoin prices can only go higher – much higher – according to no fewer than ten expert predictions for 2018.

Experts: Bitcoin Will Cost At least $20k By 2019

Despite a stubborn bull market characterizing Bitcoin in Q1 this year, naysayers calling time on the alleged cryptocurrency ‘bubble,’ April’s price uptick has reversed sentiment throughout the industry.

Now, traders, commentators, investment players and financial professionals alike are releasing their sky-high Bitcoin price forecasts, with some saying massive changes will occur by December.

Questions & Answers about Bitcoin Projection

What is the Bitcoin price today?

The current price of Bitcoin is 6446.900 USD today.

Will Bitcoin price grow / rise / go up?

Yes. The Bitcoin price can go up from 6446.900 USD to 8257.040 USD in one year.

Is it profitable to invest in Bitcoin?

Yes. The long-term earning potential is +26.92% in one year.

Will Bitcoin price fall / drop?

No (see above).

What will Bitcoin be worth in five years (2023)?

The Bitcoin (BTC ) future price will be 17098.80 USD.

Will Bitcoin crash?

According to our analysis, this will not happen.

Will Bitcoin hit 10 000 USD in a year?

Not within a year ( see above).

Will Bitcoin hit 20 000 USD in a year?

Not within a year ( see above).

Will Bitcoin hit 50 000 USD in a year?

Not within a year ( see above).

Top 10 Expert Bitcoin Price Predictions

10. Pantera Capital: $20,000 By December 2018

Dan Morehead, the investment firm’s CEO, told recipients of an April newsletter that he has “rarely had such strong conviction on timing” as he planned a $20,000 Bitcoin price in 2018.

9. Fundstrat Global Advisors: $25,000 By December 2018

Fundstrat’s famously bullish co-founder Tom Lee went on record again last week to confirm his belief that Bitcoin’s bear market is loosening its grip. Lee is “confident” that prices will reach $25,000 before 2019, having previously eyed a $125,000 surge by 2022.

8. Max Keiser: $28,000 ‘In Play’ As Of April 2018

Following a personal interview with Bitcoinist last week, the renowned Russia Today host continues to hold plenty of enthusiasm about Bitcoin’s next moves. $28,000 – a full $8000 more than December 2017’s all-time high – is already “in play,” he tweeted Sunday.

7. Alistair Milne: $35,000 – $60,000 By Next Block Reward Halving

Summarizing various price predictions in a tweet April 15, the serial investor reiterated his belief that even under less optimistic conditions, $35,000 per bitcoin is on the cards by the time the block rewards reduces 50% again in 2020.

6. Anthony Pompliano: $50,000 By December 2018

Speaking to mainstream media in February, as BTC/USD fell below $7000, the Full Tilt analyst said he “easily” foresaw prices recovering to $50,000 by the end of this year.

5. John Pfeffer: $75,000 By December 2018

In January, the London-based investor produced a report examining likely Bitcoin price scenarios, and claimed that $75,000 was realistic for this year. In additional comments to the press, Pfeffer added this was very much just an “interim target.”

4. Kay Van-Petersen: $100,000 By December 2018

Another long-time Bitcoin bull, Van-Petersen has had considerable luck in correctly guessing Bitcoin’s path for several years.

In January this year, the Saxo Bank analyst stated he believed prices will continue upwards to $100,000, even as the fall from $20,000 to under $6000 was already underway.

3 and 2. Tim Draper, Brian Kelly: $250,000 By 2022

Topping the list of the biggest Bitcoin bulls, CNBC host Brian Kelly joined investment mogul and serial HODLer Tim Draper last week in committing to a giant $250,000 per bitcoin in just four years’ time.

“Believe it, it’s happening,” Draper had told audience members at a self-organized Blockchain event on Thursday.

1. John McAfee: $1,000,000 By December 2020 (Or…)

While originally from 2017, McAfee made headlines for vowing to consume his own manhood if BTC/USD failed to attain $1 million by 2020.


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Con #1:  The quality of the traffic is questionable. Running the HitLeap viewer may save you time as you can just let it run in the background and view other members’ websites. But it also speaks a lot of the type of visitor that your website will likely get.

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Thus it can be said that the traffic that is coming to your website registered with HitLeap is a computer or bot-generated. This is not the type of traffic that you would want your website to get especially if you want your customers to be buying the products that your website is promoting.

Con #2:  The need to download and install the HitLeap viewer. You don’t need to be a computer expert to understand the risks of installing alien software into your PC. If you are to take this route, be sure that you have good anti-virus software running in the background.

Con #3: HitLeap viewer go through many websites that are spam, hyip, adult etc.


There’s no question that HitLeap works if you’re looking to increase traffic to your website.  It may improve traffic to your website, increase the number of clicks, and potentially improve your earnings albeit in the short term only.

The main issue has always been the quality of the traffic. As mentioned earlier, it is very likely that the traffic you could get from HitLeap mainly comes from bots.

Your website could earn from the number of clicks, but the income is a lot lower compared to the commission that you could earn if people buy the products advertised on your website.

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10 Best Traffic Exchange Sites

(by vincent mbatha research)

10 best traffic exchange sites

Traffic exchange plays an incredible role in increasing conversions for many internet marketers. The idea of traffic exchange has been present for a long time in this industry. It is a way to ensure you get eyeballs on your products and services.  This tends to be more effective if you join traffic exchange sites that are in the same niche. It will be kind of pointless for someone who sells dog training stuff to be looking at your “how to make money online” site. It has to be relevant. Thus, for the purposes of this post, the 10 best traffic exchange sites discussed here are more effective for internet marketing, make money online sites.

How Do Traffic Exchange Sites Work? 

The model is very easy. You visit a number websites predetermined by  the traffic exchange site then in turn they send a specific number of people to your site as well. For example you might be required to view 4 sites, then get 3 people to visit your site. The number and amount of traffic varies from site to site. But in essence you have a chance to hone this big pool of traffic towards your website. Most traffic exchange sites also offer the opportunity to earn money for surfing. So that’s another incentive for you to get involved.

As stated above, join traffic exchange sites that are relevant to your niche in order to maximise your chances of conversions. The more qualified the traffic the more referrals and sales you will get. We will now look at the list of the 10 best traffic exchange sites. Select a few that you feel comfortable with and stick to them. If you are consistent enough you will see your website traffic (and conversions if your product is good enough) increasing soon. It’s free to sign up. So take advantage of it and maximise your earnings.

List of 10 Best Traffic Exchange Sites

1.  EasyHits4U.com – 1,400,000+ – members – traffic rank – 20, 367

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

2.  Manual traffic exchange – Hit2Hit


3.  ListSurfing – traffic rank – 130,382

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

4.  TrafficG 

5.  ListAvail

6.  HitLeap

Website Traffic

7.  HitSafari – traffic rank – 321,075

HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic

8.  Tezzers – 128,000+ members – traffic rank – 221,124

9.  Hungryforhits – traffic rank – 155,261

Hungry For Hits free traffic exchange banner

10.  TrafficAdBar

That concludes the list of 10 test traffic exchange sites (I’d like to include in the list TE with rank 300,000 and lower). If you know of any reputable site(s) that should be on the list then feel free to leave the name of the website in the comments section and I will take a look. Here you can find another 10 Top Popular Traffic exchanges >>>

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  9. Offer a birthday club, and give something special to those who sign up.
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  13. Use Pinterest! Here’s a step-by-step guide to building your email list with Pinterest.
  14. Make and upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo, then include a link at the end of every video directing people to your newsletter signup form.
  15. Post your signup form page on LinkedIn and sponsor it.
  16. Have a list of postal addresses without emails? Send a direct mail offer that can be redeemed when the recipient signs up for your newsletter.
  17. Include a link to the email signup form in your Twitter business profile description. Here’s how to edit your Twitter profile.
  18. Use a light box or pop-up overlay. When someone attempts to leave your site, the pop-up text will encourage them to sign up.
  19. Include a forward-to-a-friend link in all your emails.
  20. Use a hosted signup form landing page.
  21. Create a tab on your business Facebook page and include an email signup form.
  22. Offer “newsletter only” discounts and mention them on your signup form page and on social. Don’t use those offers anywhere but in your newsletter.
  23. Ask people over the phone. When people call your business, don’t hang up until you’ve asked if you can add them to your newsletter.
  24. Put a fishbowl on your counter, ask for business cards and permission to sign up for your newsletter, then do a weekly or monthly prize giveaway of your product and announce it in your next edition.
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  26. Include a call to action, a link and a signup form at the end of every blog post you write.
  27. Add a link or sign up form in the footer and/or sidebar of your website.
  28. Create a Twitter lead generation card to advertise and gain signups for your email newsletter.
  29. Include a link or signup form on your company’s “about us” page.

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Top 10 Best Forex Brokers Review 2018

The very best Forex Broker (see more details here by Flippo)

Well, apparently you’re looking for the best forex broker in the world, right?

Our Top 10 of the best forex brokers it’s right for you then.

Over time we have created several lists on the best forex brokers in every category (find them at the bottom of this post).

But here we have gathered the very best of the best, the biggest trusted forex brokers in the world, with peaks of excellence in the quality of services.

This order is not necessarily a ranking, we’re talking about the top forex brokers around the world, the quality is very high in all cases, and it is therefore very difficult to find a real ranking.

Anyway, here is our list of the top 10 forex brokers renowned all over the world, with a short review too.

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top 10 best forex brokers

Top 10 list of the best Forex brokers in the world and Review

1. Pepperstone

PepperstoneFounded in 2010 Pepperstone has quickly became one of the largest and most important Australian broker (in 2016 they reported an annual growth of 20% each year). Their headquarters is in Melbourne, but they also have offices in Dallas and Shangai. The most important Pepperstone features is without a doubt the ECN trading system, one of the best in the industry. Pepperstone offers various types of account to fill every client’s needs, from the more “normal” trader, to the “high volume” one, to the EA user, etc. You have the Standard account, the Razor, the Swap Free and the Active Traders. To be noted also the partnership with Equinix, a Nasdaq company, a financial network placed near Wall Street, a strategic place to be able to get the best prices.

  • Regulations: ASIC
  • Type: ECN – DMA
  • Leverage: up to 1:500
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 200
  • Headquarter: Australia
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Stocks, indices, CFDs, Commodities
  • Try Pepperstone with a demo account

2. FxPro

fxpro scalpingFounded in 2006, the English broker FxPro has always been one of the key broker for the NDD category, a category in which many traders are particularly interested. FxPro has also won several awards over the years for its trading platforms, from the MetaTrader to the cTrader. FxPro also proposes several new technologies that make it a very state of the art broker from this point of view, particularly for those users who prefer automated trading. Services like cAlgo Algorithmic Trading, FxPro Library, FxPro Quant Strategy Builder and FxPro VPS are definitely worth trying if you want to automate your strategy.

  • Regulations: CySEC, FCA, FSB, DFSA, SCB
  • Type: STP (Straight Through Processing)
  • Leverage: up to 500:1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 100
  • Headquarter: UK
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Stocks, Indices, Futures CFDs, Commodities
  • Try FxPro with a Demo Account

3. Plus500

Plus500Another giant of the Forex sector, well known all over the world and based in Cyprus, Plus500 is a CFD Broker, market maker type. With Plus500, in addition to the major forex currency pairs, you can access around 2000 tradable CFDs. Plus500 does not offer trading through the classic MT4 or MT5 platforms, but only through its own web, desktop and mobile platforms, expressly designed to improve the CFD trading experience. Plus500 can be a good choice for those who want to start trading, given the ease of use of its proprietary platforms.

  • Regulations: Plus500CY Ltd authorized & regulated by CySEC (#250/14)
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 1: 30
  • Minimum Deposit: € 100
  • Headquarter: Plus500Cy Ltd is based in Cyprus
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: CFDs on indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, options, ETFs
  • Try Plus500 with a demo account (CFD Service. 80.6% lose money)

4. Markets.com

markets.comAs written directly on the home page “MARKETS.COM is operated by Safecap, a subsidiary of Playtech PLC which is traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.” Markets.com is one of the fastest growing broker in recent years, thanks to the significant investments made and the quality of their services (in particular the multilingual support department, available 24/5, for which they even received several awards). As the domain name may suggest, the goal of this broker is to provide coverage on as many markets as possible, so as to become the reference point not only for forex brokers, but for the whole universe of online trading.

  • Regulations: CySEC, FSB
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 1: 300
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 100
  • Headquarter: Cyprus
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Stocks, indices, ETFs, CFDs, Commodities, Bitcoin
  • Try Markets.com with a demo account

5. IC Markets

icmarketsIC Markets, founded in 2007 and based in Sydney, is the first Australian forex broker, and one of the biggest in the world, also booming in recent years. IC Markets is renowned for its cutting-edge ECN technology, a factor that has enabled it to become one of the best brokers in terms of spread. For this reason, this broker is often the first choice of scalpers and day traders, i.e. traders with a high volume of daily operations.

  • Regulations: ASIC
  • Type: ECN/STP
  • Leverage: 500:1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 200
  • Headquarter: Australia
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Commodities, Indices, Futures, CFD
  • Try IC Markets with a Demo Account

6. IG Markets

ig marketsAmong the “old English brokers” in the industry, founded back in 1974, IG Markets is renowned for the reliability and the quality of service and for being one among the brokers with the highest number of CFDs an investor can have access to, more than 10,000 to be precise. Until a few years ago this broker was among the few not supporting the MetaTrader platform, but just the ProRealTime one, even though today it also integrates the most popular MT4 and the L2 Dealer, to better meet the needs of many customers.

  • Regulations: FCA UK, ASIC, FINMA
  • Type: ECN/STP & Market maker
  • Leverage: up to 200: 1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 200
  • Headquarter: UK
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: CFDs, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, ETP, Options , interest Rates, VIX, bonds, bitcoin, IPO
  • Try IG markets with a demo account

7. Oanda

oandaBroker of Canadian origin, founded in 1995, Oanda is among the biggest player regarding specifically the Forex market. It has been estimated that about 20% of spot forex daily operations passes through the Oanda servers. In addition to the classic MT4, Oanda provides its own WebTrader with which you can operate with a Cent Account, i.e. you can trade with very little quantities (fractions of microlots). This feature allows you to work with a good money management even with accounts of a few tens of dollars.

  • Regulations: NFA, CFTC, FCA UK, IIROC, MAS Singapore
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 50:1
  • Minimum Deposit: none
  • Headquarter: Canada, USA
  • US Customers: Yes
  • Other instruments: Indices, Commodities, bonds, CFDs
  • Try Oanda with a Demo Account

8. Saxo Bank

saxo bankMore than a broker, we are in the presence of a bank, so much so that it is regulated as such. Saxo Bank, a Danish company founded in 1992, is definitely not for all budgets having a minimum deposit of $ 10,000. Once inside, however, you can have access to a broker with very high professionalism and the ability to trade also on real instruments such as futures, options and bonds.

  • Regulations: FINMA
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 100: 1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 10,000
  • Headquarter: Denmark
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Stocks, Options, ETFs, ETCs, Futures, CFD, Bonds
  • Try Saxo Bank with a Demo Account

9. Forex.com

forex.comTogether with Oanda, Forex.com, founded in 1999 in New Jersey, it’s another attractive alternative for US customers. In fact, this broker, thanks to the closure of the US market to foreign competition, is now the largest broker in terms of daily trading volumes. In addition to size, Forex.com is also distinguished by the large number of regulations around the world it complies with, and element indicating the high level of safety and professionalism. In addition to MT4, the Forex.com customers can also access the FOREXTrader Pro platform and GTX – Forex ECN (for large or institutional clients).

  • Type: ECN/STP – Market maker
  • Leverage: up to 200:1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 250
  • Headquarter: US
  • US Customers: Yes
  • Other instruments: Indices, Commodities
  • Try Demo Account with Forex.com

10. XM.com

xmXM, founded in 2009 in Cyprus, is the largest forex brokers in Cyprus, and third in the world, with an important rate of growth in recent years. In terms of platforms, this broker only offers the MT4 and MT5, but where it excels is definitely in the orders execution technology, which is why it is very popular among very active day traders (also considered the highly leveraged granted which can go up to 888:1)

  • Regulations: CySEC, ASIC
  • Type: Market Maker
  • Leverage: up to 888:1
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 5
  • Headquarter: Cyprus
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: Indexes, Commodities, Stocks, CFDs
  • Try XM with a Demo Account
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